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Monday, December 2, 2013

I Totally Had a 5 Day Weekend...

... and have nothing to show for it. Not true! I did tons of shit and just didn't photograph it for evidence.

On Wednesday, I braved the grocery store in order to make the most amazeballs green beans for turkey day. I will def post the recipe for them soon! I also filled in holes on our new cabinets and bookshelves in the living room that The Mr. and Big T made over the past 2 weekends. Then, I sanded the shit outta the entire thing and taped it to be painted. The Mr. didn't trust me to paint by myself, which I don't understand since I am the greatest at home improvement projects, so I put up our silver Christmas tree with purple ornaments. I will post pics on instagram, as that f-er looks amazing in our room with a purple wall. Just saying. Then, my handsome man came home and got the wild hair to paint all that shit and I totally womped his ass with my painting skills. I am legit when it comes to painting without a roller.

This was our pinsperation:


Thursday, I ate. Need I say more?

Friday, I played Batman Arkham Origins and spray painted the fire place grate. At least I think it was Friday... the days all rolled together.

Saturday, The Mr. and I ran all over the Kansas City metro area. We went to the Legends to look at area rugs, we went to the opposite end of the world to go to a few home good stores to look at area rugs... all the while knowing in the abck of our minds we would end up buying the super affordable one we had seen at Home Depot down the street.

Sunday, we saw Catching Fire with our friends. I have to admit I have never read the Hunger Games books. I just hate reading books and seeing the movies. I become all judgy judgersone and hyper analyze which was better. Which totally takes the fun out of seeing the movies. Instead, I don't read and sit on my lazy butt and watch what happens. We also half assed watch the Chiefs lose to the Broncos... Man, I heart me some Chiefs, but come on-- 3 loses in a row?!


  1. LOL i haven't watched the hunger games (yet) but that's how i felt about last night's Walking dead. DID YOU SEE IT?!?!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Get.the.eff.out. Give me those built ins. NOW!

    xo kYLIE

  3. oh man I love your fireplace/bookshelves!!!


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