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Monday, December 16, 2013

You Shoulda Been There...

You totally shoulda been there for my birthday weekend! It was the most jacked up shiz in the world. On Friday (my actual day of birth anniversary) I had planned to take the day off, but instead I called in sick since I had the worst sinus infection and my neck was swollen. But, let's be honest everyone thought my ass was faking. I so was not... Proven by the fact that I took Amoxicillin... Does anyone know what one of the side effects of Amoxicillin is? No? Nobody? Well, let me enlighten you. A side effect is the cha-chas. Yes, I accidently made myself have diarrhea by taking medicine for my sinus infection. Happy birthday to me bitches.

Saturday was better. Saturday was waaayyy better. I felt glorious!

I went with my boo thang and friends to a Japanese Steakhouse (because that's what everyone does after having doing the cha cha slide all day, right?). You shoulda been there for this shit. If you were a fly on the wall you would have heard multiple conversations about people getting slapped in the face with d***s becuase they're dating som many people at once ( well spent!), a comparison of working as a train yard manager to working the polar express (nowhere near the same), and how the boys of the group were the best at having things fly into their faces... Amongst other conversations of course.
Overall, another birthday to remember!  


  1. Oh, friend :( I am so sorry that you got the poo-poo's! but you had me CRACKING UP! I hope it was the best day and this is your most fabulous year yet ;)

  2. sounds like you have some funny friends! lol.

  3. oh, another side effect of amoxy is a raging yeast infection. my doc always prescribes me some vag meds with amoxy just in case.

    sorry about the poops my dear. at least you got to eat whatever you wanted and then shat out the calories! LOL

    happy birthday!!

    Vodka and Soda

  4. sounds like a blast, minus the poos!! happy birthday!


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