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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Dog Behind the Blog: If Tigger Could Talk

I have two of the most naughty boxers in the world, Ginger and Tigger. If Tigger were a human he would be like Dave Chappele. If you don't know who that is google that shit right now. Tigger has swag. He may not have brains, but he's got a certain something about him (usually the smell of poo). Anyways, this is what I think he would be saying if he could talk.

He has so much swag he uses a purple leash. In yo face. 

"What? Doesn't everyone pee on the kitchen floor? No? Just me? My bad, I had no idea. You shoulda told me."

"It's that dirty beaver faced Ginger who did it. Why do I always get blamed? This is discrimination." Why yes, we do always blame you Tig. Not because of the color of your fur, but because you always do bad shit!

I sometimes think that if Tigger could sing to me, it would be all Brian MckNight style. Anyone remember "Back at One"? Best. Song. Ever. And Tig-Tig Lamar would sing it to you. 
I mean do the comparison, TT has soul. Like get in your panties soul. 

Do your fur babies have distinct personalities? Tell me about it!


  1. I love this!!! I think Tig and I could totally hang out because I am obsessed with Dave Chapelle!

    My dogs have personalities for sure! Gracie is my laid back, sweet, never has anything mean to say. I think she talks slow with a southern drawl. She is part beagle. Then there is Mac, who is a mess! I call him my sour patch dog because first he is an asshole, but then he is totally sweet! I think he has a high pitched boy voice.

  2. Too funny! I always say Sam (our lab) is like the surfer boy type...energetic, cute but dumb as rocks :)


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