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Monday, May 19, 2014

Who NOT to Send a Card to

Due to the nature of being a twenty-something, I send cards all the time. Thank you cards, party invites, birthday cards, congrats on the baby cards, wedding cards---- you name it I've bought it in the past six months. All my friends are getting married and having babies. Since we all know who we would send a card to, let's think of who we WOULDN'T send a card to. I've got some ideas.

  • Your ex's new boo. I mean what are you gonna say? Hey girl, let's get some drinks and compare notes? If you were going to send one, I suggest the one below. Why this one you ask? Because obviously you both have something in common or he wouldn't have picked you both. LOL!

  •  The cashier at the liqour store. Don't get me wrong, if someone was worthy of a bff card, it would def be this guy because he knows more about you than you think. He knows that when you tailgate you buy beer, when you have a girls night you buy wine, when you had a bad week you buy vodka. He knows you better than anyone, yet not at all. On second thought, maybe it is a good idea to get him a card. I have the perfect one.

  • Your lady doctor. Again, they know you so well, yet not at all. They do get to see your lady bits more often than most (and for some more often than their man!), so they have a special place in your heart, if you truly wanted to send a card my suggestion would be this one.

My work wives, Amy and Angie, hosted a bridal shower for me with a Stock the Bar theme last week, so I gave them these cards as a thank you/ I appreciate you. Oh, and yes the party was after hours.

Angie received this one:

Amy got this one:

Where did all these awesome cards come from? This amazing website Treat, which is a part of the Shutterfly brand. It is totally legit. If you create an account you can set up reminders (hello birthdays I always forget!), schedule ahead so you know it'll get there, and mailing services so that the card can be directly mailed to the person. What's not to love!


  1. Love sending cards to people! But you're right- some people don't need them. :)

  2. This list cracked me up! I think your work thank yous sound perfect...reminds me of some of the people I have worked with in the past!


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