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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Random Ways to Amuse Yourself

You ever have those days were you are wide awake, but bored out of your mind? I have them A LOT! I know there are things I should be doing, but I just don't want to. That pile of paperwork? meh. The laundry? boo. So what do I do instead?

Shake it fast! I like to turn on the music in my head and go dance on the Mr. He truly loves it, but tries to pretend like he doesn't. I really like to do it when he is intensely in the middle of something. That's when he likes it best.

Torture the dogs. The boxers only want it when I don't. So, the minute I want to hang out with them they run away and try to hide from me. They are such fickle creatures. I'm just trying to show them some love.

Find a Lifetime movie to watch. That shit is cray! Although, they are starting to get a little too deep now, has anyone attempted to watch Starving in Suburbia? Too much. Way too much. Don't do it. Watch True Tori instead. That shit is way more amusing.


Talk to yourself. While I know this sounds slightly cray cray, who knows you better than you? When having a conversation with yourself nobody gets mad, no feelings get hurt, and nobody is pissy if you don't follow through on a promise. Best conversation ever. The only bad part is that you are only hysterically funny when no one else is around, so people are missing out on this awesomeness.
What are some of your favorite ways to amuse yourself?


  1. Life time moves are THE BEST!

  2. Our cat is like that but Sam (yellow-lab) loves any attention he can get!

  3. Lifetime/Bravo are always good choices ... :)

  4. binge watch shows. like what i'm doing now - watching banshee. omg how have i not watched that sooner??

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