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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Someone Who Isn't Me

So, in the past few weeks I've learned a lot. As The Mister was trolling forums for people with opiate addictions, that's a story I'll tell in a minute, we kept seeing the acronym SWIM. WTF is SWIM? And why do people keep writing SWIM is having issues with x, y, z. One google click later we realized it stand for Someone Who Isn't Me---- SWIM. So, this post is going to be a SWIM me post. Be warned, some is way TMI.

SWIM had to troll opiate addiction forums to look up what herion addicts do to make themselves pee. Turns out the constipation problem from drugs is actually easier to fix than the not being able to pee.

SWIM was going to throat punch an invalid who was snoring. #andnofucksweregivin

SWIM has left said invalid in the same underoos since Sunday.

SWIM is now holding onto their dooks until work they are so grossed out by the toilet seat riser. Which is saying something, because school bathrooms are not that awesome either.

SWIM has been watching all the E!and Lifetime stuff on Anna Nicole Smith. Don't ask me why. Side note, who remembers the home video where her face is painted as a clown and she calls her pregnancy gas? Other random side note, was Dannielynn originally named something else and her name changed after AN's son Daniel died?

SWIM accidentally cut a pair of underwear off of someone on Sunday rather than taking of the velcro leg cast thingy, so that bath time could occur. #RIP

Someone WHO IS me has learned that shit like this is when you learn how patient and forgiving people are. Because SWIM totally told the invalid "no." when he asked for something, although I am sure that SWIM did go get whatever it was a few minutes later.

I learned that we take a lot of our everyday life for granted. All the little things that annoy us are the things we wish really appreciate having the ability to do. Like changing your underwear. I learned that you have to truly LIKE someone to appreciate them at their crankiest and lowest point. Because you know and recognize that this is probably the hardest thing they've ever gone through and you have to support them 100%.

What all is going on with you? I would love to hear about it!


  1. This is an awesome post. It is so true that we don't appreciate the things we take for granted like being able to walk, to have shelter, a way to get around, etc until it's taken from us. And a lot of times we get overly upset about the stupid things when things could really be a heck of a lot worse!

  2. are being such a trooper:) (I mean your friend is ) ;) This has to be a very trying situation for all parties involved...I hope recovery is as speedy as possible. I actually cried over snoring the other night...I was not feeling well and tired and somone was snoring and I might have woken them up and cried.

  3. sounds like you are learning what it's like to have your own child at home! hope you're hanging in there.


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