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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

2 Days Seems So Short

The weekend seems like it is so short,but then when it is jam packed with stuff to do it seems so long. I was exhausted Monday from the two days prior.

On Friday, the Mister and I went to Em Chamas, which is a Brazilian steakhouse where the big poles of meat come around to your table. It's just too hard to say no, so I just kept eating. Everything tastes sooo good!

Saturday, I walked a 5k with some friends from work, Jen, and Kala. It was cold at 8am! We tried our best to find a place to have brunch, but we had no luck! Do places not want me to get drunk on Bloody Marys and Mimosas on a Saturday?! It was actually good that I didn't get drunk at 9am, as after I met up with my mom whom I was wedding crap shopping with. Unfortunately, the store we went to truly has crap, so we went to the mall instead. We totally scored there! We each got a new purse and a pair of shoes! Woot! When I came home, I didn't even attempt to hide my new finds, as the deals were that good. I have no shame in my shopping game.

Still on Saturday, we went to the American Royal with my Uncle. Now, my Uncle has been before but the Mister and I haven't so we were excited to go to bbq heaven! Being the responsible, yet cheap grown ups that we are we got blasted at my Unlces house then took a taxi. We were there for an awards ceremony hosted by Guy Feiri, dinner from Quick's BBQ food truck (yum), and a funnel cake! Funnel cakes are the shiz that I can never pass up. Then, we went to Sully's your favorite neighborhood bar. Again, my first time at this establishment, but my Uncle frequents this establishment so I trusted his judgement, which was on point. Sully's was too much fun! We were served our super cheap drinks in mason jars as big as my head! As much as I am over the mason jar craze, thank you Pinterest, I totally loved these. Either that or I was still that drunk. Either way, we safely got home courtesy of Dave, our somewhat crazy cab driver. Thank you, Dave.
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