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Saturday, October 19, 2013

I Feel Pretty

I was wanting to make my blog more personal and attempting to do it myself. Not the best idea I ever had. I am so not patient or good at html code, photoshop, or anything else. I am slowly learning, but for what I wanted I needed someone with more experience than myself. Enter Tiffany at Sunglasses and Starbucks. She offers free blog design! You fill out a quick and easy form and from there she contacts you. I was in and out in just a few days! She took into account that I like things, simple,with a hint of girly/vintage. For me, she found the perfect balance. Tiffany was extremely easy to work with and had an open line of communication. I can't wait to creep around on her blog to see what else she designs! I feel so pretty with my new digs!

Sunglasses And Starbucks


  1. Love the blog design! I wouldn't have been able to do it myself either :)

  2. How cool! Your blog design looks great, I'm totally going to check her out. :)


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