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Friday, October 25, 2013

My Week in GIFs....

This has been a long week. Not only did The Mister and I have a crap ton of stuff to do, it was long at work as well.


I realize Mondays are the worst day of the week intrinsically, but this one gave me the run around. I had one of my fave kiddos give me the stank eye at 8am. I knew the day was starting well. I went to meet a family for an evaluation at a hospital, they were a no show. I went to the mall to buy new jeans (fyi express has jeans bogo 50%, totally worth it they make your ass look fab) with my bff Jen. I am also currently obsessing over leapord print shirts. One day you will see me all Snooki style in a leopard shirt. By the end of the day....

 photo tumblr_mjas0t874x1ql5yr7o1_400_zpsb9609f9f.gif


I almost had to shank someone at work. Do not interrupt me when I am doing my fave part of my job (i.e. providing counseling to kids) by lurking in the doorway. Also, do not interrogate me about a decision you wanted to be no part of, then misquote me via email. Do not send said email WHILE I AM STILL IN THE ROOM.  But, then my cable goes ot. Fuck my cable company, if I didn't have a contract you wouldn't be getting my hard earned cash money. Tuesday was a bad, bad day all around. I need my Biggest Loser.
 photo tumblr_may01xoxhz1qedt22o1_500_zpsb442d916.gif

 photo tumblr_mowk0oDY3c1ql5yr7o1_400_zpsec465104.gif

I did go get my hair cut, which was a plus. Always got to look on the positive. Gigi, thank you for giving me a new fresh and clean look.


Was just long, I had a last minute parent teacher conference scheduled for the evening and it took FOREVER. Like Sandlot style FOREVER. I was tired, cranky, and hangry by the time I got home. The Mister was awesome, took one look at me and said let’s eat out. He’s totally a keeper. I then proceeded to watch Biggest Loser on my computer.
 photo sweatpants-gif_zpsef78c8aa.gif


I co-taught a class at work on crisis prevention. I am a really, really quick presenter. I am down and dirty style, where participants get the info with no wasted time on their part or effort on my part. It is a 6 hour training. I was scheduled to teach approx 2 hours. I let me co-presenters (one of whom is a control freak) know I only needed an hour fifteen for my parts. She didn't listen, we were running early and I got done waaayyy early… And we couldn't break for lunch at 10:30, so instead of starting a small section from after lunch... she wait for it... SHE FILLS THE SILENCE WITH INANE CHATTER. Who does that?! That is so not cool. Then we give everyone the longest lunch in the history of lunches and make them stay until the scheduled ending time. We are doucheholes.

 photo tumblr_mr4o1fid781ql5yr7o1_500_zps3413b9b2.gif
On the positive, The Mister and I took photos with our wedding photog so that we have some for our wedding website. I guess they could technically be called engagement photos, which is funny because we totally didn't plan to do them. If they are as awesome as I think they will be, I really want her to do some of us with our horrible dogs.  
My alarm didn’t go off. I have no issues with sleeping in, but shit really?! My phone was dead, so that’s why it didn’t go off. I manage to forget to put on deodorant, but hey who cares no one will smell me at work right? I did stop by the double arches for breakfast, where the attractive window worker told me I look nice. How did I know I needed that this morning? Man, McDonalds I must say I really can have it my way there. I have to also testify their egg white sandwiches are good. I mean as good as my Jimmy Dean at home, actually better though because I get the hash brown there. Sooo… Friday can either go one of two ways for me. Hopefully, nobody fucks with me today and my cable works.  
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  1. work problems suck balls. work idiots suck even more. hope everyone stays out of your way!

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