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Monday, October 28, 2013

25 Random Questions...

I was tagged in a 25 Random Questions Post... So of course I have to answer! I love talking answering rando shit, so thanks Ellie from Little Vintage Camera for tagging me.

Do you have any pets? Yes I do, I have two boxers. Their names are Ginger and Tigger aka Ging-Pop and Tig-Tig… Queen G and TigTig Lamar. If you follow me on Instagram you will see lots of pictures of their crazy asses.
Three things that are physically close to you? My office crap. Gotta love work.

What's the weather like right now? Ummm… fucking cold. I live in Kansas, need I say more?
Do you drive? If so, have you crashed? Yes and yes. I am known for driving into houses. If you ask, I’ll totally tell.

What time did you wake up this morning? I get up between 6-6:20 every day. 6 if I am going to attempt a morning workout, 6:20 if I am getting up at my usual time (i.e. lying in bed until 6:40)
When was the last time you showered? I shower every other night. So it was prolly yesterday. I know, I’m dirty.

What was the last movie that you saw? I don’t like movies. But, I do watch the shit outta Lifetime movies, so I watched a marathon of them over the weekend.
What does your last text message say? I don’t want to say, as I was totally making fun of someone’s newborn child. The worst part is that the person I am texting is also preggo, so she is going to wonder whether I am making fun of her newborn child when she spawns it.

What is your ringtone? The t-mobile jingle. I ain’t got time to be changing that shit. That and windows phones suck and don’t do cool things.
Have you ever been to a different country? Ummm. I went on a cruise once. We stopped in Mexico, Honduras, and the Cayman Islands (do those count?). I went to Mexico again this past March. I feel like Mexico is not really another country, as it is connected to my country and everyone goes there. Is that wrong?

Do you like sushi? Fucking love it. The Mister and I eat it as often as possible. I will even eat it off Chinese buffets I heart it that much.
Where do you buy your groceries? Hy-Vee and Sam’s Club. Hy-Vee gives you cents off your gas and has amazeballs sales.

Have you ever taken any medication to help you fall asleep faster? Every night. I have two pills to choose from and generally choose the same one even though it makes me not be able to poo for 3 days.
How many siblings do you have? I have an older brother.

Do you have a desktop computer or a laptop? I have a laptop. We are wanting to buy a desktop though and I am wanting to buy a new laptop for work. Any suggestions?
How old will you be turning on your next birthday? I will be 28 on December 13th. It is a Friday this year and I was totally born on a Friday.

Do you wear contact lenses or glasses? Both.
Do you colour your hair? Whenever I get the itch to, yes. I am feeling this itch now actually. I really want dark pulled through the bottom with red and honey through the top. If anyone has a pretty picture of this SHOW ME!!!

Something you are planing to do today. Shop online. I plan to do this every day actually. Funny enough, I hardly every buy anything though.
When was the last time you cried? Ummmm… The last time The Mister and I fought. Turns out buying a house together and making extra-large life plans together (i.e. compromise) is hard.

What is your perfect pizza topping? Pepperoni all the way.
Which do you prefer, hamburger or cheeseburger? Cheeseburger with lettuce, pickle, onion, ketchup, and mustard. Yum!

Have you ever had an all-nighter? Hahaha. Yes.
What is your eye colour? They're blue!

Can you taste the difference between Pepsi and Coke? I only drink diet, but yes they do taste different.



  1. as i read this, i have color in my hair. but not to be fancy; to color the grays. boo.

    Vodka and Soda

  2. I'm turning 29 on December 12th! We're almost birthday twins!

  3. Go for Hewlett Packard laptop. I got one for myself 2 years ago and it still works awesome even I use it like jerks!


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