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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Guilty Pleasure and Second Chances

One of my favorite guilty pleasures is tv. I unashamedly have cable, but I do not always let people know that my DVR is full of the entire Real Housewives series, Basketball Wives, and Abby Lee. That is saved for me time.

One of the shows that I also watch in the privacy of my dark living room is the Biggest Loser. Not because I think there is something shameful about the show, but because I can relate to the contestants and that somehow makes me feel awkward and embarrassed. Am I morbidly obese? No. Do I have a lot of horrible habits regarding? Yes. One of them is giving into my cravings and binge eating like a mother. I crave carbs, so what do I do? I go and buy to bags of chips at Quik Trip and eat them in the car---- if there is no trash evidence in my house then it doesn't count, right? In this way I relate to many of the contestants, as I know I shouldn't do this and it will ruin everything I've been working for. I mean I work out on the reg. I meal prep for lunch/dinner so I can eat semi-healthy and then I shame eat fast food and pure crap in the car. I know I am better than that. Yet I still do it.

The premier of season 15 of the Biggest Loser was last night, with this years theme being second chances. This resonated with me because I always feel like once I've fucked up or fallen on the wagon there is no going back. It's done, so I might as well have the beer with dinner or go to happy hour and eat the shitty food-- I mean I already stopped and ate the shitty for me fast food at lunch- so what does it matter?  Well, with the theme of second chances I have to remember that we all fuck up. Pull up your big girl panties and move on. Hopefully, that spicy chicken from Wendy's was worth it (I must admit it usually is, the beer not so much). On that note, I got up and worked out in the morning, rather than the evening before dinner. Lately, I haven't felt energy to work out, but having worked out in the morning, I was WAAAYYY more conscious of what I was putting in my pie hole.

Watching the Biggest Loser this weekend was also made meaningful because I had the opportunity to meet Dolvett, one of the trainers from the show. This past weekend, Jen's work hosted a block party and he attended, leading a workout in the middle of the street. He is so positive and motivating that you can see why he is so successful with the people on the Ranch. If only I could have him with me a few days a week!

Have you felt this way before? How do you treat yourself without going balls to the walls?

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  1. so this is my theory on eating right: if you (not you, tracie, but general you) have a tendency to overeat/binge eat junk/fast food, then don't eat a drop of it for 6 months. this is to give your body time to purge itself from the additives/cocaine/heroin they put in that garbage and more importantly, to give you time to *build the discipline around self-control* because that's what it's all about - controlling yourself around that stuff. it took me a good 4 months before i could even stand to be around people eating all that chocolately/chips/desserts goodness but after those 4 months were up, i didn't even want any of that shit anymore because while i was building the discipline, i was also doing my own learning about proper nutrition and once i understood the relationship of healthy food and my body and what my body needs to build muscle and get strong, the novelty of the junk totally wore off and i wasn't entranced by it anymore.

    so in my opinion, stay away for a while until you've developed the discipline and then start to reintroduce the sweets or whatever slowly.

    but take it from me, once you totally switch to clean eating and then start to eat junkfood, your body will HATE you for in you'll feel so physically ill you'll want to barf it all up just to get it out of your body. that's when you will truly come to realize how awful that stuff is for you.


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