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Monday, November 4, 2013

Current Shopping Obsessions

To go along with my hoarding tendencies I also internet shame shop. I troll websites and look at all of the pretty things and have to convince myself that I don't need all the chevron scarves, chandelier earrings, pretty fall leggings. I call it shame shopping because I do it by myself with no one around and always have a hint of buyers remorse if I actually do purchase anything.

I have to admit, Amazon is my number one shame shopping site, but others out there are just as good! Groopdealz is also one of my faves. You need a monogrammed tumbler? I'm sure you can find it there. It is a flash sale site that I adore. I also love the site Sassy Steals, it is the same concept of Groopdealz. There are daily flash sales that are deeeeeppppllly discounted. I totally bought my fleece lined leggings from there. And if you were ever wondering if fleece lined leggings were worth it, I can tell you they are. But remember, just because they are fleece lined does not mean leggings are pants!!! If they were pants, they would be called pants.

What are some of your favorite online shopping sites? Becuase I totally need more :)


  1. The pile of boxes in our parlor has proven to me that I, too, have an online shopping problem. I'm just not willing to fix it. :)

  2. i don't really shop online...only for specific things that i can't find in the stores. i'll research the hell out of an item online but i need to try things on before i buy because of my weird body shape.

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