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Monday, November 25, 2013

Fun Filled Adventures


While I don't have photographic evidence (at least none in which I look attractive), I did do stuff this weekend. My friend, Kala, celebrated a milestone birthday while in Mexico with her bf, so we did an easy birthday celebration at her house on Friday. She was dogsitting her bf's dog, Dock, so I spent most of the evening giving that big boy some loving. Dock is a brindle boxer, just like my Tigger, but he is normal size not a famine victim like Tig. I also find it amusing that Tig is considered small, yet weighs 50 lbs. He’s just special.  

On Saturday, Big T came over to teach the Mr. how to add crown molding to the ceiling. We are adding cabinets, bookshelves, and re-building the fireplace mantle. My Dad is a jack of all trades and is not only doing this project for us, but teaching the Mr. how to do these things well. I white washed the bricks on the fireplace and the plan is to paint the ugly gold doors black. I can’t wait to see how it all turns out!  

While the boys were working on the fireplace project, I was working on a gift for baby LRD.  After Big T left, we went to my friend Lucy’s house so that I could give her the gifts. I love giving gifts and I try my hardest to make them as personal as possible. The colors of baby LRD are gray, navy, and orange and the theme is owls. I ordered the cutest vinyl monogram a few weeks ago of Sassysteals and I adore it! I came out beautifully and all I had to do was rub it onto a picture frame. I also embroidered an owl print “L” on a fleece blanket, which is one of the easiest ways to personalize something. What are some easy ways that you personalize gifts?  

Overall, it was a pretty chill weekend. The only sucky part is that while on the way to Kala’s house on Friday the Neon got hit by another car trying to edge past us into the turn lane at a stoplight. I couldn’t be mad about it though because the driver was just a baby and didn’t know any better. She was crying and crying and her car was worse than mine, which is funny since her car was a Honda CRV and way bigger than the Neon. If I can say one thing about the Neon I would have to admit it’s a sturdy sucker. It’s better than a bumper car in accidents.

 photo 1364493402_old_man_falls_out_of_bumper_car_zps914424a9.gif


  1. yikes!! sorry for your car but it was nice of you not to freak out at that new driver. you know i said that while i rolled my eyes, right?

    Vodka and Soda

  2. sorry about your car! also, I am a little mad there are no pics of the two boxers together!!


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