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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

It's like Glee, But Different.

Sooo... you know how some bloggers have been writing posts about how blogging is like high school. It has made me think back to my high school days, especially as I have a reunion coming up! While I realize there are cliques, I often feel that we project the image we expect to see on a group of people. I think there are those people who can, and do, fit in with all people never realizing that they are supposed to act a certain way with a certain group, they just flit around. I would say that was me in high school. I did competitive drama (who know there was such a thing?!), cheered 2 years, participated in plays and musicals both onstage and off, managed the boys soccer team, and was student body president my senior year. I didn't care what I was called by who, just that I liked what I was doing.  While Gloee was amazeballs for all of 2 seasons, it was absolutely nothing like that. I mean doing plays and musicals is about all Glee has in common with public school performing arts.

Soooo.... for all of you who didn't have a chance to participate in drama club. So courtesy of buzzfeed, I give you a little peek into that world.

Auditions filled you with so much hope every time. What if this was your year?

The day you got a part other than “chorus” was a glorious one. Lezzzbehonest. I can't dance or sing, so I was always grateful that I every made it into the musicals. Although one time I did have like 5 lines and an actual name.

But being a chorus member/dancer had its perks, like having more time to hang out with your friends backstage.

You collected all the playbills of the shows you were in. And I have many of them framed :)

And you viewed drama club banquets as rehearsal Tonys. OMG! Winning was the highlight of your year! You knew big things would happen next year because of this win!

You may not have been as popular as the athletes, but people still filled up the auditorium to see a show you helped put up, and that was really validating. Shit my mom came to every show... and I mean every show, one day I found her sitting in the lobby reading a book because she had seen that show that many times.

You got to go on field trips to see live theater! Didn't everyone take a class called Give My Regards to Broadway and travel to New York? No? Just me and the 12 other dorks, gotcha.

What clubs were you in? Have you ever heard of competitive drama? Tell me about it!


  1. I love it and I totally agree- people tend to change based on their audience or who they are surrounded with.

    I grew up dancing and dance was my life so I was on the dance team (no flags, not colorguard)... haha and obviously I still have my high school pride because at the time we were pretty good and won 1st place at nationals. Anyway. I participated in French Club and I'm not really sure why... but that's it. Oh, and I was in Honor's government, and we were all pretty political thinking we knew it all, so we were like a club, of sorts.
    I was best friends with the student body president, and in fact, all of my circle of friends were fairly popular. I'm pretty sure the movie Mean Girls was a spawn off of my little group of friends... maybe. Haha. But really, 10,11, & 12th grades were spent being a brat to those around me and I so wish I wouldn't have been like that! I never felt comfortable enough in my own skin to be a free-floater and do whatever (until my last semester).

    In hindsight, I would have gone for friends that I could carry friendships on for life, and be nice. It's amazed me how small our world is and how you never know when you'll cross paths with someone from high school personally or professionally again... Make sense?

  2. there was a drama club but i don't think it was called competitive drama. and i was one of those loners in high school...i kept to myself and stayed out of the spotlight.

    Vodka and Soda

  3. I was in choir and drama club the first couple of years of high school, so I can somewhat relate to your post. I miss some of the fun that was had back then now that I'm older, but my 20s were my favorites.

  4. I wish I would have done drama or show choir in high school. It looked like so much fun.


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