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Monday, November 11, 2013

Veteran's Day aka Thanks Dad!

My Dad aka Big T :) He was just a baby.

I don't know who all knows it or not, but today is Veteran's Day! This is a big deal, like Christmas style big deal. My Dad, my dad's dad (grandpa), my dad's dad's dad  (my great-grandpa).... and many more men in my family are all Vets!
This past weekend, we held my grandfather's funeral in Seneca, KS. While there we had the chance to visit the Nemaha County Veteran's Memorial. I know, who in the world knows where that is at?! Well, on this wall was my Grandpa Larry's name! It was nice to be able to see his memory living on when we were there at a time to honor his memory.
It is a point of great pride for me that my father served in the military. I love that there is an entire day dedicated to the men and women who protect our country. My dad retired with after serving more than 20 years in the Army. It makes me proud. In my parent's home we have an entire room dedicated honoring the men in our family who have served. I love to show people this room so that they can see how the military is a part of so many people's lives. I wish that we could do more to honor them on an everyday basis.
Do you have loved ones who have served or are serving? How do you show your pride?

Veteran's Memorial in Seneca, KS
Grandpa Larry, Great-Grandpa Bud (Leo), and Great Uncle Gary all served proudly


  1. i don't know anyone who served in the war but my dad was caught in one when he was 4.

    sorry to hear about your grandpa :(

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