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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wedding Wednesday What I Won't Do's

And in the age of the 72 day marriage. I am honoring Miss NeNe Leakes on lasting more than 10 years, making a bunch of money, getting divorced, and then marrying the same man. Love it!

Three things I do not need to do at my wedding (trust I am not hating if you do these):

  1. I will not be wearing more than one dress. I just am too cheap for that shit.
  2. I will not force my guests to change clothes (here's looking at you Adriana of RHOM).
  3. I will not run hours late (again, looking at Adriana of RHOM). Be on time, people will be getting hungry and let's be real, people are just there for the food anyways!

What things wwould you not do? What things shoudl I not do? Let me know so I don't mess up!


  1. don't stress! this is the best day of your life so enjoy every moment :)

    and yes DO NOT BE LATE! i hate it when people go, it's MY DAY and i can be late if i want! UH NO YOU CANNOT. THAT'S EXTREMELY RUDE to all of your guests.

    Vodka and Soda

  2. I too would be too cheap for multiple dresses!

  3. Yeah I'll never be wearing more than one dress, poor me!


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