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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Happiness Is...

What are some things that just make you happy? I always think about all the things I love to do when the weather starts getting better. Nice weather just makes you feel better-- about yourself and life.

Some things that make me feel good no matter what are:

  • Porch Drinking I adore sitting on the back porch, in a beer garden, on a patio and drinking beer, wine, sangria, whatever! I love eating dinner on patios at restaurants and sitting by fire pits. If I can be out with the dogs while doing this even better! So far, I haven't found anywhere but my own backyard that allows this. If anyone knows anywhere in the KC area that allows dogs on their patio let me know. During the winter, I like to invite my friends over to couch drink, which is the indoor version of porch drinking :) 
  • Tailgating going to ball games and grilling on our little crappy portable grill is the best! It's like porch drinking, but different. Here is the camaraderie of everyone wearing their team gear and being excited to see the opening pitch or doing the 7th inning stretch together. If you are lucky you may even win the Tailgate of the game! I have never had this happen, but one day I will! I have goals in life and winning a $25 grocery gift card is one of them!
  • Clean Sheets as simple as this sounds having clean, fresh sheets makes me feel soooo good. Like willing to do the nasty good, but then the sheets would be dirty, so that's a no. 
  • Haircuts I love getting my hair did. It always makes me feel so good and my hair always feels amazing. My hair always has so much body and has the fresh and clean feel. I can never recreate the same look and feel, even when I use the same products.
  • Presents I purple, sparkly heart love buying presents for people. I like looking for things that will make others happy. I like seeing their smiles and knowing that they like their gifts. Don't get me wrong, I also love to get presents. The anticipation of not knowing and being excited makes me happy too. Essentially, I love presents!


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