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Monday, March 10, 2014

Sh** Not to Say

Since it is Monday, my absolute favorite day of the week and I am slightly hangry right now I thought I would put together a list of Shit Not To Say. This is the shit that is guaranteed to piss me off. Even if I am chipper and have unicorns and rainbows flying through my head this shit sends me into an insta-rage.
  • "I have nothing to wake up for." Well, you get to enjoy me every day. That should bring you enough life fulfillment for multiple lifetimes. Bitch, please. #firstworldproblems

  • "I thought you'd already had your period this month." Call me a bitch again and see what happens. I'm crabby. Everybody gets crabby sometimes (please refer to the "I have nothing..." comment) and that should be allowed.

  • "Why are you dressed so nicely?" Why? Because I go to work every day. Turns out, this is how big kids dress for work.

  • "Is that what you are wearing?" Nope. I just put it on for fun. What the fuck do you think? Yes, I plan on wearing this. Or at least I did until you said that.

  • "Oh, you're showering today?!" Really? Yes, I shower a-hole. Dry shampoo is made for a reason. No, I am not that nasty that I don't wash my cooter on the reg.




  1. every time i wear something other than a frumpy sweater and leggings, people ask why are you so dressed up? they even ask this if i'm wearing jeans and a shirt. bitches.

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  2. Oh my gosh, your language and vulgarity just made us bffs. Hahahaha

  3. I hate when people ask why I'm dressed up. I can't help it that I try to present myself in a professional fashion!!

  4. hahah love this!! seriously people say some dumb shit!!!

  5. I had someone once say "oh, it looks like you brushed your hair today." WTF


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