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Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Dog Behind the Dog

I told you guys about how I ended up with the love of my life, Tigger, here. Now, I thought I'd give you some insight into the first few months of living with my man. When I got Tig, I was living in a duplex with a sorority sister. We used the garage for our light up palm tree and a beer pong table. We also attempted to keep Tig there. That didn't work out so well. He ate through a panel in the garage door, ate the extension cord on the palm tree, and chewed on the wooden table legs of the beer pong table.

This is the picture of Tigger in the garage with his momma. He hated being in that garage unless we were all out there with him. So, I started crating Tigger. We soon found out that you can't put anything with Tigger. He is a dumbshit that eats everything.

Then, as graduation neared. I sent to Tig to live with his grandparents while I packed up the duplex and took my finals. The plan was that Tig and I would live with my parents while I took off a semester before starting grad school (I graduated in Dec and school started in Aug). 

Then, the unthinkable happened. When crated one day, Tig was given some towels to sleep on and a tennis ball to play with. When Tigger was let out of his crate, the only thing that was left was bits and pieces of a towel and rubber. He seemed fine. 

After almost two weeks of Tigger acting tired, not eating, and barfing up water we knew something was wrong. We took Tig to the emergency vet who did x-rays. Let me tell you, the emergency vet is NOT CHEAP. The x-rays showed that his stomach was so bloated they couldn't see any other organs. We were referred to an emergency surgical vet. 

In the end, part of the tennis ball had gotten stuck at the top of his intestine and created a blockage. There, pieces of towel were stuck. Thank goodness, they were able to "milk" the nastiness out and didn't have to remove any of his intestine. Instead, they cut open his tummy and removed the rubber and thread. YAY! Little baby T would live! 

 This part is not a sponsored part--- GET PET INSURANCE. That shit is worth it. I got a pound puppy for $160 (that included getting his balls chopped) and spent more than 3 grand on surgeries roughly three months later. He was a bargain.

Have you guys ever had a pet emergency? What happened?


  1. once my dog ate a stuffed animal. he had to get one of those emergency xrays too - so expensive! no surgery though, luckily.

  2. I need to read up on pet insurance for sure. Hawkeye just had some allergies and chewed her foot which got infected. Visits + meds for an infect dog toenail cost me $700 in one week. Another $300 will be this weekend so yeah. $1000 for an infected food. My lord.

  3. Thanks for sharing this! My current little guy is a chewer too and I worry he could do the same thing. He eats anything he can get his little paws on! Pet insurance is a smart move.

  4. Dogs are so damn expensive. Ours had a UTI once and it cost me over $400 in vet visits, follow-ups, urinalysis, meds, etc. Good god, I don't think it would have cost that much if I had a UTI!

  5. Oh my gosh! How scary!! I am so glad he survived and is good. What a little shit for eating a tennis ball and getting himself sick! haha He's so bad (good thing he's cute!)


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