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Friday, March 21, 2014

What's Going On

We still have a whole in our kitchen wall. For the first two weeks I was so grossed out by it that I only ate prepackaged foods in the living room, i.e. I prepared nothing for myself and didn't eat in the kitchen/dining room. Now, more than a month later I am so over it. I know my ass is going to die of asbestos poisoning or some such shit and I don't give a fuck. The insurance company is working with us to fix it, but we are finding out that the previous owners had to have been aware of some of these leaks and just left it. So, until we know what the insurance company is going to pay for we are waiting on the repairs. It would help if Kansas wasn't such a bipolar bitch and stopped snowing and raining. Not only do we need the insurance approval for repairs we need everything to be dry!

Now, on to some good news. My knee is getting soooo much better! I had the MRI done and got a referral to a Bone and Joint specialist. Turns out, I have tendonitous, a fissure behind my knee, and a hardening plica band. That was mostly gibberish to me. Essentially, I have a crack in the muscle/tendons behind my knee and to protect itself it created swelling and the plica band is not something everyone has as an adult (it forms in the womb to help your knee forms then goes away) so when it starts to harden it makes it hard to move your knee and most people get them removed. Me? I decided on anti-immflamatories and physical therapy. Cuz we all know this bitch is going to be wearing high heels at her wedding! I have really been loving physical therapy, which surprises me. As odd as this sounds, Tigger knocking my knee out and doing physical therapy has motivated me again, Or, it could be the nicer weather peeking out. For almost two weeks I couldn't bend my knee and it was so swollen and had so much fluid behind the knee that I was couch bound. Now? I am able to press 40 lbs for 30 reps, ride a bike for 8 minutes, ride the elliptical for 5 minutes, and walk up to a mile. I also have a bunch of functional and strengthening exercises that I am doing everyday. My fave move? The clamshell. Mostly because of the name. Any cooter joke I'll take. 

What's been going on with you guys?

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  1. hahahah i love any name that makes me think of vaginas or penises or farts or poop. hilarious.

    and i hope your knee gets better real fast!

    Vodka and Soda


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