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Monday, June 9, 2014

Yup, I'm Still Here

Just thought I'd pop back in to reassure that I haven't died. I am still alive and kicking, but we have been having a fun time the past week so I was taking the time to enjoy it. Since I am now on summer break and my Mister is still on disability, we are spending all day, err day together. 

I spent last week preparing the major part of my boo thangs wedding present. I had scheduled with people to create and complete parts of it last week, thinking that he wouldn't be around. Since he was around, I just told him to not ask questions. LOL! He actuarially did really well with that. Me? I woulda crawled in the trunk of the car to know where he was going if I was told not to ask questions. 

What else have we done? Well, I have tried to take pictures, so that G can always look back on this time with fondness. He is more mobile now, so he can leave the house, but only for really, really short periods of time. 

We went into Old Overland Park, which is a really cute, historic block near where we live and Gabriel got his hair cut by Wayne, the barber. Wayne completed his barber apprenticeship in 1953 and has earner two Purple Hearts, which are displayed on the wall! He

Then, we went to the park behind our house (where we took our photos in October) and sat around for a little bit. 

Gabriel LOVED being outside in the sun and hanging out on the dock. 

He was feeling so good he even let me talk I'm into margs for lunch. He sorta had wobbly boots after leaving from the marg, since it was his first time drinking since getting hurt. But, Mi Ranchito margs are worth it!

 The next day, we treat ourselves to Sheridan's! YUM! My fave is the Caramel Pretzel Crunch mini size. It is the perfect bite size bit of greatness in your mouth. Like, I would roll around in it greatness.
Caramel Pretzel Crunch aka Sex in a Cup 

Today, we went to the community center that is a few blocks from our house for the first time. We signed up for a 3 month membership, so that my man can use the hand bike and all the machines we don't have in our house. I attempted to run again, but all I can think is F this. Not my thing. At all. I will stick with walking outside, riding a bike, and using the elliptical if I want a machine. I liked having the option of the machines, but honestly? I prefer my kettlebells and blogilates videos. Maybe I'm just not a people person. 

Oh, and I had to take a post workout selfie. Duh. And to make it even more douchehole, I added my nutribullet smoothie #douchelord 

What have you been up to?


  1. Margs for lunch are always a good idea. And he had you to hold him up if he got too wobbly :)

  2. Your poor boo. You can just kind of see the misery in his face. I feel so bad he's on disability.

    <3 Jackie

  3. Glad you guys are getting out and enjoying your time off together! The Mexican food looks delicious!


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