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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Staycation in KC

As of 11:30ish Monday morning, I am on summer vacation. There is a lot of stuff packed into these two months (i.e. getting married July 19th!!!), but I really want to find some things that The Mister and I can do together. This will be the first time that he and I have taken time off together, without leaving the KC area. Usually he takes time off when I don't have it, so that he can hang out around the house by himself.... Aww true love.

Anyways,  Kansas City has a lot to offer, but I am looking for things that he and I can do together, which creates a need for limited high physical demands (i.e. no roller coasters or trail rides). We know he is getting more and more stable on his crutches, but that he is def on them another 4 weeks. We usually go to a lot of KC Royals games, but with his leg immobilized we don't think he would be physically comfortable sitting there that long.

We have been looking at all the online travel guides for our area and know we want to attend the following places this summer.

  • Nelson Atkins Museum of Art : We have gone before and he really loved it and they always have traveling exhibits. Until July 6th, one of the exhibits is Roads of Arabia, which we'l both really enjoy. Best of all, the Nelson itself is free!

  • Boulevard Brewery: This is a local KC brewery that offers a FREE 40 minute tour.  I've been on it and really enjoyed it, so am hoping he will too. Especially since he loves their beer. Oh, and there are free samples. 

  • Loose Park: I really want The Mister and I to go to the Rose Garden at Loose Park and have a picnic. I think just getting out of the house and away from those four walls will make him feel so much better. 
  • Sea Life Aquarium: This is a relatively new attraction in KC. Neither of us has been there before, so if you have let me know! I would love to hear a review before we go. 

I also have to admit, there are some that I am going to make him do (i.e. the flower gardens), because I am not sure he'll be too into it initially. Maybe, by then he will be too stir crazy to object.

Oh, and we did think about local zoos, as I LOVE them, but realized they would be way too much walking and too hot outside, making them a no go this summer.

Anyone have any other ideas for fun things to do this summer? I can't wait to hear!


  1. Happy summer break!!! I would be giddy. The picnic sounds like a great idea! Does KC have any outdoor movies...our local art museum does movies on the lawn in the summer. You will be a Mrs in no time :) you seem so calm for a to-be bride with a on the mend to-be hubby :) I'm impressed!

  2. Staycations are always exciting. KC is such a large city, that I'm sure you'll find lots to do.



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