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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Currently Lusting After...

I love shopping at places that others don't usually think of as a place to buy clothes, especially for "trendy" items. It usually means that none of my other friends will have the same thing as me AND I get it at a really good deal. Today, I'm giving you some of the items that I have seen in store/online at one of my favorite places to buy trendy items. Honestly, for items that I know aren't going to be forever pieces, I have no problem shopping at a store like Forever 21. I know what I'm getting when I buy it.

Click on one of the links to find out which store carries all of these fabulously trendy clothes! A bonus, everything here is less than $22. 

Were you shocked when you saw where all this was from? Where's one of your hidden gem places to shop?


  1. Love the dotted gold sweatshirt. I'm a sucker for all things polka dot. Well and gold :)

  2. oooh that polka dot sweater is so cute. you found some great bargains!


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