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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Fall Goals--- Any Advice?

I know what you are all thinking, girl Fall has been here and it's almost Winter and you're just now putting together goals?! Yep, I am just now getting my shit together to put my goals down on paper. I want to put them out there in the world to hold myself accountable. So, for me Fall started Nov 1 and will go until December 1. 

  • Get Organized and Down Size: I have a lot of stuff. I like to keep things forever and I know that I don't need to. I put these two things together, because I feel like they go hand in hand. 
    • Clean out Closets--- keep things I ACTUALLY wear and that fit. 
      • Hall (winter boots and scarves)
      • Guest Room (craft supplies, coats, and STUFF) 
      • Bedroom (clothes and shoes, including under bed storage containers)
    • Clean Desk 
      • Start filing system (we have all our paperwork shoved into a drawer)
    • Clean Out Kitchen Cabinets
  • Sell Said Stuff (or donate): Not only do I need to decide to get rid of stuff, I need to actually do it. Why do I need to keep the shirt someone gave me for Christmas 2 years ago that I've never worn? 
  • Stick to My Routine and WRITE It Down: I am thinking of starting a calendar in the kitchen that is there for both of us to see. Gabriel doesn't like surprises and I try to do a weekly run-down, but we both have a lot going on and can forget. We tried sharing iPhone calendars--- worst idea ever!  
    • Workout- I love to walk when it is this time of the year, but I need to do more than that.
    • Cleaning (including the dreaded laundry) because the house gets NASTY during the wet months with the dogs. 
    • Cooking- I would like to eat out one less meal. We have been eating out 1 weeknight, Friday night, Saturday morning and night. I meal plan, so that keeps us within a set budget and gives us a weekly menu. We started eating in on Sundays nights and weekend one breakfast about a year ago, so this has been a slow work in progress. 
Does anyone have any tips? I am trying to de-stress and de-clutter my life so that I can focus more on being the best me all the time. I would love to hear how you've organized your life! 


  1. I do feel like putting the goals "out there" really helps to keep me more accountable, especially when I know I will have to sit down and right out what I did or didn't do. Steph from Not Entirely Perfect (http://www.notentirelyperfect.com/) has a lot of good organizational/purging advice. I'm very inspired by her approach to paring down her clothes. We go rid of quite a bit of stuff when we moved and it is still not enough. I'm hoping to tackle our office this month as one of my goals. I love reading about others getting organized, it makes me take a look at things with new eyes. Best of luck with your goals!

  2. I've always wanted to do some kind of clothing swap with bloggers or in-real-life girlfriends. You can get rid of the clothes you no longer wear (or don't fit) and shop their clothes that no longer fit or no longer want. I've got so many freaking goals; mainly house goals. Like get heat in the house? That's pretty much my first priority since apparently our fireplace is ancient and they don't make parts for it anymore. Awesome.

  3. For a long time I held onto the things I didn't because I kept saying I was going to sell them. What I didn't realize was that it takes a lot of work to catalog things and price them out and advertise them. So, to Goodwill we went.
    Now, every season I go through the prior seasons stuff and donate all the items I didn't wear. It frees up so much space for new stuff!
    Working out in the morning is the only time I can do it without flaking. That doesn't mean I am consistent week to week, but if I get it over with in the morning then I won't feel bad when I get home and am tired and don't want to anyways.
    I don't meal plan but am a huge advocate of getting down to the nitty gritty in the cupboards before buying more food.
    Hope that helps!

  4. I think writing it down is seriously the most important step! I totally need to start packing up my condo and yeah....that's not happening yet!

  5. I meal plan every week and I swear by it!!


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