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Monday, November 3, 2014

Weekend Fun

I love fall. I love wearing scarves, boots, and seeing all the leaves change. I love how quiet everything seems and how people get excited for all the upcoming holidays and family events. I like to curl up with tea and sit on my couch when I am the only one awake. 

I have been going on the most beautiful walks. We have the best little park behind our house, that has a track around it that is a .42 mile loop. We have been walking it in the evening together, but on Sunday morning I got up and went by myself, which was so peaceful. 

This is what I did for Halloween. We moved our fire pit to the front yard and passed out candy from there. It was the best decision! The dogs didn't freak out every time there was a knock on the door, we didn't have small children trying to navigate our construction zone of a front walk way, and we talked to our neighbors more this way. 

Sunday was all about tailgating! We went with G's parents and it was a blast! It was a little windy, but whatevs, I look good in a hat. Gabriel's parents always have everything planned down to the smallest detail, including a pop up porta potty if need be and it makes it so hassle free and fun! I try to contribute treats and other little goodies, so since I knew it would be chilly I brought a big thermos of coffee and raisin, walnut, and cinnamon bread. Yum! 

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What all did you guys do?


  1. Sounds like such a fun weekend! I love peaceful walks and fall. I also think the fire pit in the front for Halloween was a great idea...I might have to steal it, although we don't really get many trick or treaters.

  2. i need to start my day in peace and quiet with coffee. i hate it when i can't do that so i get your need/love of sitting down with tea before anyone is awake!

  3. sounds like you all had a blast. on the weekends i like to sleep in a bit (i can't get up before my husband he gets up at like 5am) and then i drag myself out to the couch and he makes me a tea, and i just sit there and read and be content and he just lets me be. it's so awesome and it's a must do for me.
    pop up porta potty?! interesting!

  4. Such pretty pictures of the lake!! Sounds like a fun filled weekend!

  5. Looks like a great weekend! I love fall too! That is a genius idea to sit out front with the fire to keep the dogs sane.

  6. Sounds like an ideal weekend. I love the idea of hanging out in the front yard with a fire pit during trick or treating!


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