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Monday, November 10, 2014

Weekend in Review {{11.10.14}}

Friday was the same ol' same. Boo thang and I go to an early dinner for Mexican (cough, margaritas, cough). We literally go as early as possible to miss seeing other people, yet I still managed to be sat in the booth connected to the librarian at one of my previous schools AND from my new one. FML. How am I supposed to talk shit on my day now?! I just wanna go sit on my couch now.

Saturday... I really have no clue what I did on Saturday. It was filled with stuff. But nothing amazeballs. Grocery shopping and errands. You know, living the dream. 

If this said "I'm in for the day." it would be entirely more accurate. 

Sunday was filled with chores and a tiny nap. I took down all the Halloween/Fall decor and put up Christmas stuff! YAY! While it wasn't on my official to do list, we also cleaned out the garage and winterized our backyard. I made myself a nice little to-do list for the day and felt pretty good about it. 

What all did you do? Am I crazy for putting up my Christmas stuff already? 


  1. Love that you already decorated for Christmas...at least it makes this time of year go by a little slower with all the decor up earlier!!

  2. Hahaha I love that you put up the Christmas stuff already. I took down all my Halloween but left out my "fall" stuff and put up a little Thanksgiving goodies... I just can't let myself go full fledged Christmas till the day after Thanksgiving!

  3. what!? christmas stuff already?! this guy in my area already has full on christmas lights all over his house.

    this year i'm also excited about the holidays but i wait till dec 1 to put my shizz up...because then i feel that the year is going by too fast if i do it any earlier!

  4. oooh christmas stuff! how fancy. i like to wait till december 1st because that's when my mum always did it :)

  5. I am dying to get my Christmas stuff up! My husband...not so much! I think I'll do it anyway!


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