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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Etsy Shops I love

It's no secret that I love to shop online. When I was planning my wedding, I ordered tons of stuff off of etsy! I love the fact that they are small business owners who make unique items. Here are some of the etsy shops I love to browse.

This Fine Day is a store were all items are handmade from salvaged wood and is located  in the Pacific Northwest. The items are sooo different and extremely reasonably priced. Right now, I am eyeballing a custom state sign... I just think that Kansas would look boring :)

Printable Motivation offers extremely reasonably priced instant digital downloads, ranging from invitations to wall art. The owner is located in California and will customize anything to your hearts desire. I think this love printable would look amaze in a cool frame as part of my bedroom gallery wall I am putting together. 

The Vinyl Company  has all sorts of vinyl signs that can be used around your home. From monograms to cute sayings, you can find it all in this store. I have convinced G that we need a classy looking No Soliciting sign for our door. It's not that we hate people, it's just we hate people who come knocking on our door ALL THE TIME to sell stuff. My fave? The man offering home improvements you said," I can tell you just updated your vinyl siding and windows... and maybe your roof, but just in case here's our info." Really?! If you can tell, why come knock on my door and rile the boxers? Next time, I'm letting them out to get you. 

Carrie Elle carries meal planners and organizers that I dream about. They are a little pricey for my taste at about $25, but I am also super cheap. I like that the meal planners have perforated pages, so that you can tear out grocery lists. There are monthly and weekly pages, to make tracking your meals easy in case you know there are days/weeks you are going to be super busy you can plan that out. Or, if you are a crockpot meal prep queen, you can plan to space those meals out through the month. 

Bridal Bliss Couture is where I got the Mrs. tank that I wore on my wedding day. I loved that you can personalize their items so many different ways. I got a mint colored tank with a gray bow, so that I could incorporate my wedding colors. This store offers an array of items for your wedding party. I also ordered items from here when planning a friends bachelorette party. 

What are some of your favorite etsy shops?


  1. It has been awhile since I perused Etsy. Mainly because I want everything I see. I have a feeling I will be checking out these stores today. I will send the blame your way when my husband asks why I drained the bank account :)

  2. Great round up of etsy shops! I always forget to shop etsy, I need to more often.

  3. Love this! Etsy has so many amazing shops. I just love all the handmade shops. One of my favorite shops for Jewelry is OliveYewJewels. Another great shop for handmade scarves and rustic decor is BessiesCreations :)

  4. I'm loving beadgiant and EatSayLove!! Just bought some cheap cheap bangles from beadgiant and EatSayLove has the cutest printables!!

  5. I love etsy!! I pretty much bought everything customized for my wedding from there!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  6. I much prefer Etsy for custom fun pieces. The no soliciting vinyl is a great idea, I keep getting cable people. So annoying since it is always the wrong time.


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