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Monday, March 23, 2015

Weekend Recap- Spring Break Style {{3.23.15}}

This past week was Spring Break for me, so I had big, grandiose plans. You remember those days, right? Where you think, "self, you've go a few days off let's get wild!" Hahaha, well my big, grandiose plans were to host a girls brunch, paint the kitchen cabinets, and do a little shopping. Spring Break adult style. What did I get done? I hosted the girls brunch. Yup, that's it off my wild plans.

What did I do for the past week? That's a good question.

Saturday- the boo thang and I deep cleaned the house in order to make it presentable for the next days girls brunch. It also made us feel better, because then we had no real pressure to do anything for the next week.

Sunday- some of my best girl friends came over for a brunch! I baked this hash brown casserole  and french toast bake , had a mimosas for all the girls, and asked them to bring their favorite brunch food. We had way too much food and not enough champagne, imagine that! Note to all those hosting brunches, under buy food and over buy booze.

comfiest t-shirt dress ever! 

Monday- Boo thang and I went to the Topeka Zoo. I love going to zoos and G doesn't mind going with me. He is a walking encyclopedia of useless information, so he actually likes learning about the animals (read: telling me about the animals). The Topeka zoo is small, but extremely family friendly and because of it's size you are closer up to the animals than you would be at a larger zoo! There was a gorilla sleeping cuddled up with a Minnie Mouse that was the cutest ever.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday- I got sick. Chest cough, congestion, and having to sleep in the guest room from the coughing sick. Hence, no painting of the cabinets for us. I literally did nothing but sleep, take medicine, and hang around the house. We did venture out on Thursday to Ikea, weirdest yet coolest place ever. It's a self-service home goods warehouse and it is set-up so that you have to walk the entire store. Most of the items there were too minimalist for my taste, but G loved pretty much everything.

Yup, most of Spring Break was spent doing this.

Friday- Feeling mostly human, I wanted to go on a date night and requested Bucca de Beppo. For some reason I was craving their margherita pizza and caesar salad. In case you were wondering, soooo good! 

pre-dinner sunglass selfie! 

      Feeling good again! Yay! 

G enjoying his Mulan Mule
(he now drinks these most places, I think it's for the fun cup) 

Saturday and Sunday- We went back to normal life again. Playing outside with the dogs, walking the neighborhood, grocery shopping, and grilling out. I played around with a recipe from a magazine and it was really good, so I will def share that! 

Yummy pork chop with veg/pineapple skewers!

What all have you been up to?


  1. Ugh so sorry you were sick on your spring break - not fun at all!! I haven't been to the zoo in years...need to add that to the list! Happy Monday! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Sounds like you had a great spring break minus the whole sick thing, boo!! Hopefully you are feeling better now!! I love Ikea, but you do have to walk around the whole place! You can get lost in there. Hope you have a great week!

  3. Being sick on vacation is never fun! Booze before food, next time! Ikea is so frustrating having to walk through it all but you can find some great stuff for organizing.

  4. Fun brunch idea and I. Love the zoo. What's bummer you got sick during yiur break though!

  5. i love tshirt dresses! ikea is dangerous. i never go there when i'm on the hunt for something because it's just like costco - you end up buying crap you don't need!


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