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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Humpday Confessions {{3.25.15}}

I have missed spilling my guts out on Wednesdays, so I thought I would get back to humping on the regular. Also, Lauren has started #HashtagHumpday, which I've loved reading on her blog, so I thought I'd join in that humping too! Let me know your confessions or add your own hashtags below!

#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo

G hasn't shaved his beard in a hot second. Legit, it looks like vag hair on his neck. Like an unkempt, 70's porn star. If the porn star had ginger hair going grey. #verginaface

I get unreasonable rage when people ring the door bell. We have a no soliciting sign and they still ring the door bell. Knocking doesn't give me unreasonable rage, just a mild angry feeling. It is just sooo annoying to have 100+lbs of boxer freaking out and barking because you can't read. #OneDayIWontHoldThemBack

My addiction to reality tv is getting to be too much. I am excited to watch Teen Mom OG. Like for real excited. I didn't watch any other Teen Moms, except that season and I feel like I know them. #andbythatImeanIwatchedFarrahsporn #EEEWWWW

One of my friends had a "sprinkle" for her second baby and on LHHNY Yandy is having a shower for her second baby... I gotta know when did showers for more than the first baby become a thing? If it's about free stuff, just let me know. I mean I'm down with getting free shit. #confused #feelingslightlysalty

I haven't gotten my haircut since August. I need to get it done really badly, but I am too cheap right now. Instead, I keep deep conditioning it to make sure the split ends aren't too noticeable. #basicbitchproblems

Making Melissa


  1. Ugh I hate the doorbell too! My dogs go nuts!!! But I also hate how real the doorbell and knocking are on TV...because they don't know the difference. Then they get pissed that there was no real action after they realize. haha!

  2. I want to know where this second shower thing came from too. One of my friends has to throw a shower for her sister in-law for her second baby and was asking me for some guidance. My first response was "uh, you don't get a SECOND shower!" You can re-use the stuff from your first baby. We came up with the idea of a baby-Q and doing a barbeque with husbands and kids invited, more of a celebration and gifts as optional. Because really, no one wants to buy you a second baby gift and if they do, well that's up to them!

    I don't mind the doorbell because Gunner freaks out regardless of if it's a knock, the doorbell or even a hint of noise outside the door. Everyone is out to get us apparently #overprotectivemuch?

  3. oh my goodness i have a haircut appoint in 2 weeks and i'm so excited cause it's been one whole year since I've had a haircut. WHO DOES THAT?!

  4. I am SOOOOO over all of these damn 2nd baby showers. You have a child. You are the parent. You buy the kid shit; don't expect everyone else to. *Rant over.


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