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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Weekend Recap {{3.3.15}}

I'm a day late and a dollar short on the weekend recap, but I'm totes ok with that since I hate Mondays and try not to do anything productive on a Monday.

This is what I do all weekend. Two chains, RBF (Resting Bitch Face), and I hang out. Sometimes we read or watch tv. Other times, we take couch naps. Overall, this is how I spend a majority of my weekends.

On Friday nights, we go to cheap date night. For us, this usually means Mexican. Lately, I've been getting something called the Dirty Margarita. It's a house marg with pomegranate liquor and something else added. DELISH! It comes out layered and you mix it up. I personally believe it counts as a fruit since it has pineapples, oranges, strawberries on the rim AND has pomegranate liquor. Although, I do have to wonder what truly makes it dirty....

We were supposed to get SNOW MY GOD! This weekend and I was SUPER excited. I would like just one snow day. Just one. When it snows, I like it to be worth it. Wom, womp. The boxers did like running around like jackasses in the snow fall though. Living in Kansas, it has to be a blizzard of epic proportions to be a snow day.

How's life with ya'll?


  1. You know we have no good mexican places where I live and it makes me sad on a consistent basis......what do I have to do to get a good margarita and guac around here???

  2. That marg looks amazing! We take couch naps on the weekend at my house too, or in the bed, really wherever because it's the weekend and I love naps! Good luck on your snow day! We've had one here back in November... now it's all sunshine and rainbows and I'll take that instead!

  3. those do nothing weekends when all you do is lounge around are awesome!

  4. Ahhh must be nice that you're getting a snow day... It's currently spring in Washington. In March. Stupid.

  5. I'm so over the snow! I also love a good margarita, Mexican is the best!

  6. Ahhh...to have an actual snow day! I'm in Florida, no snow days here! But I did live in Missouri for 3 years and the kids got plenty of them!


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