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Monday, March 9, 2015

Weekend Recap {{3.9.15}}

This weekend was similar to last weekend, except I was super productive! Here in Kansas City it was a super nice weekend, so I spent time out and about.

Friday night we did the same thing we do most Fridays... Mi Ranchito with a dirty marg. Yum. I have this weird addiction to flautas. Because I am allergic to avocado, I get them without guac (which is apparently some peoples jam). I was so hungry, all four were gone before G was near finishing his two tacos. Whatevs #callmefatagain

Saturday we went and met with a CPA, personal question how do you all do your taxes? And for my married peeps, do you file jointly or separately? Why? If you are comfortable answering these questions please TELL ME! Then, the day was spent grocery shopping, running errands and having the Hubs (to my recently (past year or so) married baes, doesn't feel awesome to say Hubs?!) air up my car tires and wash my car. Since it was so nice, we grilled out-- I will share the recipe asap it was sooo good! We also updated our wedding window with pictures and got that hung! I am way excited and love the way it looks.

Sunday, here in Kansas City the high was 70, so we went for a walk and grilled out again. If nobody has shared with you about Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio they have done you wrong. It is the perfect light, grilling out wine. I also attempted to fix the bathroom sink. I have a feeling we are going to need some new plumbing soon. I am super excited to show you guys a wreath I am making, I went and got all the supplies since Joann's was having a bomb sale.

Oh, and I couldn't leave you without a picture of the boxers. 


  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend! We had some decent weather here too and I am loving it! Those boxers...to cute!!!!

  2. I'm so crazy jealous of the high temps that you had this weekend - hope it continues for you!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  3. jealous of your weather! to answer your questions - the first year we were married, we filed separately because i wasn't a resident for the whole year, the visa i was on meant i didn't have to pay certain taxes, but as a resident i did. if we filed jointly, it would have basically made me a resident, and we would have had to pay. obviously thats not your situation lol. but now we file jointly, and we do it using some online doodad. my husband does it :)

  4. i have an accountant who does my personal and business taxes. my business taxes are completely separate.

    i basically hand over my taxes (personal and business) and my husband's taxes to my accountant and she handles everything. pretty sure we file separately because we have to sign individual returns. i'm sure there are some spousal sharings of stuff but i have no idea about that...as long as i'm getting a refund and not paying, then i don't question!

  5. Any weekend sounds great to me when it involves margaritas and Mexican food, yum!! My husband and I file jointly but we are still students so our taxes are much different than most of course. Have a good Monday!


  6. Friday night dinner and drinks is my fave way to end the work week! We file our taxes jointly and use turbotax online which costs about $35. Hubs is the financial guy so I can't offer any more advice than that! lol

  7. I can't be happy about your weekend recap knowing I could have been in it! I can't believe we didn't meet up in KC!

  8. This is our first married tax season, and I think we are filing jointly. I don't know the specifics why because my expertise is more like that drink in the top pic as opposed to finances! :-)


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