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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March Goal Recap

March came and went lightening fast. I liked putting together goals for the  month, it held me more accountable. I also managed to watch a lot of TV, hang out with my boo thang A LOT, and visit a new zoo.

  • Paint "C" and "&" for bedroom gallery wall. I found an easy tutorial that I think I may actually be able to pull off for antiqued letters. Her monogram looks sooo cool, but let's be honest G C T doesn't look that great in the same pattern as hers. Grade: A+; I got them painted with a quickness! They look so good and it was a super easy project. 
  • Complete gallery wall in the bedroom. I have little odds and ends to do a small gallery wall, but haven't taken the time to put it together. Grade: A; I ended up not liking all the items together, but did put up 3 items that I did like. I call that a good start! 
  • Replace pictures in window and get window hung (hubs has to to do this part). We saved the window from our wedding that had childhood pictures in it. I want to replace the pictures with wedding photos and hang it in our breezeway, which so far has no decor. Grade A+; this got completed and looks so awesome in that room! 
  • Clean out guest room closet. I need to sort and organize my craft supplies, so that I can bring some to work and move what I keep into cute baskets in our breezeway, where there is a ton of shelving/storage with nothing in it. Grade F; I didn't even start to get this one done. I did however clean out the medicine closet, hall closet, and switch out my clothing closets. Thus, creating a new to donate pile. But still, no guest room closet. 
  • Attend Tuesday night yoga class with work friend. Trying to be healthy and make friends, what more can I say? Grade D; We've gone once and it was to pilates. I swear to goodness, I learned to twerk when doing some of the moves on the ball. So this could actually be a D+ just for learning that skill.

  • How did you do on your goals?! Tell me!


    1. i had goals somewhere but they've seem to have disappeared LOL. also, lazy. next month, maybe?

    2. I would say you did a pretty darn good job on your goals here!!! Closet cleaning is so daunting!!!

    3. I think you did awesome! I keep meaning to do a gallery wall on my staircase but I keep putting it off.


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