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Monday, August 19, 2013

Jowler Creek

Me and my homies went to a winery on Saturday! It was tons of fun. We went to Jowler Creek in PLatte City, Mo. It was my very first winery tour ever, so I was so excited I had ants in my pants. Good thing I wasn't wearing pants.
On the way there our preggo DD had to make a quick pitstop, where girl was so focused on Arby's that we almost died in traffic. That would have been a travesty, as we had yet to cosume any wine. #fetusfoodstop
I don't know if you knew this shit, because I totally didn't, but there are mowing sheep! They go around eating grass so that your man friend doesn't have to mow! They smell like ass, but apparently get the job done.  They also have chickens that eat all the nasty ass bugs of your good as wine grapes. These chickens were not for playing though, as they kept running from me. I think they knew I had dreams of fried chicken in my head.

Jowler Creek has a beautiful sitting area/patio where you can take the wine you've bought. If you're Lucy and preggo this is torture as you drink water while everyone has glasses of wine #fetusproblems

Have you been on a winery tour before? Where did you go? I loved Jowler Creek!


  1. mowing sheep? do they eat weeds? because we have a major weed problem and since we're not allowed to spray weeds anymore, it's a constant battle!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Hi Kathy - It's Colleen from Jowler Creek. Yes, they do eat weeds some. They like grass more than weeds, but they will eat most weeds. They don't like Ragweed at all, though. Come check them out!


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