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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Who Doesn't Love Presents?

This was the first month that I participated in the fabulous Cara Box exchange hosted by Wifessionals. It is an amazing way to get to know fellow bloggers. If you haven't tried it, you def should. I got to know some amazeballs ladies! You are paired with two women, one of whom sends you a gift and the other you send a gift. Who doesn't like getting pretty things?
I was paired with Stayc over at Lacy and Crew, whom I sent a gift.  She is a wife, mother, student, and all around awesome person! She is super creative and has her shiz together in a way I wish I did! Stayc has the most cutest baby Oliver, he is so cute that even if you don't like babies you'd like him. No joke. Stayc blogs about life and everything it entails and is so positive it brightens your day.  You should go check her out and see what awesome shiz I got her :)
I was also paired with Brandi at Life with Collins.  Brandi is Mom to Collins, a beautiful 16 month old girl, lives in Alabama with her hubby, works as a nurse, and has a doggie named Turner. Like me, Brandi loves to thrift shop and upcycle furniture. Go check out her blog, where she has some awesome DIY projects and gives advice on being a momma.
Brandi sent me the most awesome gift ever.
gummi bears, which I had to hide from myself so I wouldn't eat them immediately
socks that will be perfect with boots this fall
purple zoya nail polish
the best measuring spoons and recipe cards for when I am attempting to make healthier recipes
 a notebook filled with sticky notes (it's like she knew I have a small obsession with them)
 a Bath and Body Works candle that makes you want to roll around in it
I have burned the candle in the kitchen everyday since getting it and The Mister keeps asking what good shit I was cooking. It also made him crave candy, but I wouldn't share my coveted stash of gummis for anything.  

Cara Box


  1. I love the measuring spoons you got (I have the mixing bowls that match) the colors are so pretty!
    You are so sweet and seriously you make me laugh out loud. I love your sense of humor {I was dying with your last post - "I caught the ball with my boob!") Hahah.
    Bath and body works smells are soooo good.

  2. Love your Cara Box! I'm like you, I have to hid candy from myself too, otherwise I'll eat it ALL in one sitting :)

  3. Carabox, everywhere! I must sign up for this once I am final with my moving to a big city which at least have a post office around!


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