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Friday, August 9, 2013

Back to Reality

 photo tumblr_mr4np8Aa751rqu3aso1_500_zpsfe7cd6bf.gif
This is how I feel about going to work right now.
Since I can't be like my idol Betty, I just made a deliberate choose not to shower the past two days so that I could sleep in an extra forty minutes. I just did a whore bath and dry shampooed my hair. Judge me all you want, I still smelled passably presentable. And by presentable, I mean thank god it was an office day with no kids so I had limited interaction with people who actually washed their hair.

And for those of you haters who say it's only day three suck it up asshole, you had the summer off. I say being this awesome is hard. Prolly not as hard as being a Realhouswife, but still hard. I mean I worked three days this week! I am so glad it's Friday! #firstworldproblems #idontcare
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I got my eye on the prize though. Soon it will be payday and I will be rolling in boxed wine, Miller Light, and buying all the junk food I want. Oh, that's just me being all PMSy, I won't really do that. I'll just go to a strip club and make it rain on a hoe.
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  1. i can't believe summer's almost over and school is starting in less than a month which is all kinds of wrong.

    i tried that dry shampoo thing but maybe i'm not doing it right because just made my hair all chalky looking; like i just dumped some baby powder on my head and didn't give a shit.

    Vodka and Soda

  2. dry shampoo is a lifesaver i tell ya

  3. Pip pip, the payday love! I am wondering where the summer went? Is it already August? Huh!

  4. HAHA I love the GIFs. And Betty White. It's true, Dry Shampoo is a life-saver. A little Bath and Body Works smell-good spray can go a long way - haha it's always a quick spritz all over (and my clothes) when I seriously need it! No judgement! ;)


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