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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Will Work For Beer

There has been a lot going on in the new home. We have painted all of the rooms in the house, except the kitchen as that will be getting its own makeover later.
Now, the men are hard at work finishing a room in the garage to become our AT HOME GYM! Just what my lazy ass needs! The Mister and I have always owned work out equipment; we just never really had a proper spot for it. When we bought our house an important feature was the ability to make a gym. There was a 12x12 unfinished storage area, so we decided it would be the perfect room to make a gym!

My dad is amazeballs at doing shit like this, so we can do it on the cheap. Meaning cost of supplies (with Pops' discount) and beer/food. My kind of cheap labor. The boys have been hard at work on this shiz for the past 2 weekends and the room is REALLY coming along fast. In the end, it will have linoleum floors (so it don't stink like sweat), a window with an a/c unit, and a door. We could rent this shit out.

During the excavation process the boys found this super cool historical item. It is an invitation to the Harry Truman (you know, the president) Commendation Awards Dinner. It was in the original mailing envelope and all the papers were still in there! It is honoring General Lucius Clay for his heroic acts in WWII. Since we live close to the Harry Truman Presidential Library, I have a call into them to see what we should do with it.

Harry Truman Commendation Award Dinner Invite 1964

Have you ever renovated/remodeled and found something cool? Let me know! I feel like I should be on Antique Roadshow or the History Channel J


  1. WOW! that's so awesome (invite AND the home gym). i love my home gym; it has everything i need :)

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Cheap labor from the parents is amazing! I wish we lived closer so I could have my parents do more stuff around our house!

  3. That is SO cool what you found!! SO COOL. Sell it on Ebay and make bank! Jk.
    One thing about your blog I love - you always make me laugh. You are funny. That is awesome you guys are going to have a home-gym! My parents have one and I always think I'm going to use it when I stay there and I never do. I get lucky if I make it into their sauna to sweat my pounds away haha! In all seriousness - I need a home gym. I can watch my silly shows while I workout. ;)


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