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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

August Birch Box

August Birch Box

This will be my last Birch Box. I just prefer ipsy to BB. First, I prefer more makeup products than lifestyle products. Second, I find the brands to be more accessible with ipsy. Third, I know people who also get ipsy and I can totally do a tradsies with them on products we don't want/need. Speaking of that anyone want the It's a 10 Leave in Conditioner? I don't use leave in cond because it makes my fine hair feel greasy by the end of the day.

Here is what I got this month
Evens out skin tone, has antiaging benefits, and gives you broad spectrum protection. I can't wait to use this. So far, I have enjoyed BB creams, but haven't found the "perfect" one for me.
Alcohol free towelettes that cleanse and soften with vitamin E, peppermint, and aloe. These are for the feet. Meh. At least your feet won't stink?
A streak free self-tanning wipe for fair to medium tans. I do use self-tanners, so I will try this the next go round to see how well it works on my dry skin.
A semi-matte lipstick that delivers both hydration and lasting pigment. I got this in Kitty and LOVE IT! Makes your lips feel soft and the color is subtle and beautiful!
A 10-in-one treatment that addresses the spectrum of hair damage, from brittleness to frizz. I won't use this since leave in products with this consistency make my hair greasy towards the end of the day.  

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  1. You must have really fine hair! I love the it's a 10 products, but my hair is thick and very damaged after everything I have done to it so it soaks it up!

    I heard birchbox was somewhat lame last month, but I'm glad to know your little review on this! I also love makeup products so I am going to try out Ipsy! :)


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