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Monday, August 5, 2013

Who Let the Dogs Out?

What do you do when you just move into your brand hew house and your dog has already made enemies with all the neighbors he has come into contact with? Last week, Tigger hops the fence to go two doors down and make friends over there. That lady very politely told me that it would be best if my dog didn't come into her yard. So, we rapidly put up Tigger's electronic fence on Thursday. This morning, while I am blissfully attempting to sleep through The Mister getting ready for work, he comes yelling at me. Me?! What did I do?! The Mister had let the dogs out while showering and was going to leave for work and I was supposed to let them in. Instead, as he is pulling out of the garage he sees the lady next door to us in her robe beating at Tigger with a spade. Apparently, her granddogs were over and Tigger went to make friends. Unfortunately, they didn't make friends and instead some Michael Vick action commenced to go down. The Mister proceeds to tell me neighbor lady is panicking and I should go talk to her. So, I put on my robe and peek outside, asking what do I say/do? We fucked up leaving the dogs out totally unsupervised in a new place. My bad. Yeah, we told you about the electric fence, but deliberately didn't mention that Tigger powers through it when he feels like it. My bad. Awww, shit. I don't forsee us getting a welcome to the neighborhood from anyone anytime soon.

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