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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Arms as Decoration? Really?

So for Wedding Wednesday I am going to let you in on a shopping trip my Ma and I recently took. We went over to a friends home to look at all of her antiques. If you want it, she's got it. I plan to take some shit off her bathroom counter to use a centerpieces. Budget friendly wedding decs! While I didn't take photos of her house, I did take some pretty glorious photos of shopping at some antique stores.
 I'm thinking of using her as my photo double. No arm fat and no sweat stains all night! Her makeup will also last all night, while mine while sweat off in 5 minutes. Perfect body double.
 I love rummaging around stores, but some of them were stanky! the stuff smelled as if someone's granny had died while wearing some of the clothes. Not a good smell.

 There were lots of knick knacks to sort through. We found some pretty napkins and doilies to use under the table centerpieces.

 This had to be one of my favorite things. I look over and there is a f-ing arm poked out. Not a normal arm, but a creepy arm that is just hanging there, poking out like it wants to touch you. Who does that?!
I wanted to put this up on the street were the smokers will have to stand. I smoke for taste. I mean why else would you smoke?

If anyone knows of any good thrift or antiques stores in the Kansas City area let me know! Help a girl out!

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  1. Wow great interior! But let's forget the creep of this hand!


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