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Monday, July 29, 2013

Go Royals!

My friend Jen got some bombass Royals tickets from work. They were in the Diamond Club, so we had our own actually little table to sit at and the nicest usher, Betsy! Jen and I usually go to a ton of Royals games, but this summer has been slightly different, with all of us turning into adults and shit. Having my summers off is great and all, but since I'm the only one it sorta blows to try and have shenanigans by yourself everyday. But this year? Everyone is super busy! You know buying houses, getting man friends, living life. So, Royals games have become a hot commodity in my world. It helps that they don't win that frequently, so when they do it's even more fun! It's all about perspective. 

I don't know about you but my friends and I are a LITTLE obsessed with Straw-ber-itas right now. Like we are gonna get in trouble to the point obsessed. Not that anyone needs to stage an intervention or anything. We kind like it this way. That is what our pre-game tailgating consisted of. Straw-ber-itas. Oh, and a Miller light for me since I had one. If you got it, drink it, right?

We went to the game with Kala's new bf. I don't think he wanted to be pictured, but what he doesn't know won't hurt him. This was Jen's first time meeting Kala's man friend and I think he did very well with the gaggle of drunken beavers that he went to the game with. I mean, the 3 of us, free booze that comes right to us, and a winning game?! That is a recipe for the best time evah! I think the Royals played the Orioles and I think we won. That's what I remember of the actual game play.

What is your home town team? Do you go to games? 

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