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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

This Ain't No Kids Game

All I need is my boxed wine....
So... I think I maybe killed my liver this weekend. For some reason, we thought it would be a good idea to day drink immediately after getting done taking photos on Saturday. 

Needless to say Kala, the Mister and I totes earned all the Straw-ber-ritas we drank. The Mister is too good for Straw-ber-ritas, so he drank.... I have no idea what he drank. We ended up at Mi Ranchito, with the Mister downing Patron like it's his job and margs as big as our heads. Which ain't good. Tequila makes me cry. Not the pretty, cute little alligator tears. The other kind- the snot on your face, crying for no reason cry #Keepin'ItClassy. Thank goodness that didn't happen to me. I think I diluted the one marg with enough boxed wine to be safe. My other bestie, Jen came over and joined in. And by joined in, I mean drank two beers and silently judged us. It was def a yoga pants kinda day. 
At my parents house #familytime

Sunday, my Pops totally fixed my car. Turns out, it wasn't really broken I just hadn't put the gas cap back on tight enough. Womp womp. So, we engaged in an activity that we do best. Drinking Miller Light. I like to think we were practicing for the Fourth of July. I mean you gotta get your liver right to celebrate 'Merica.

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  1. Oh cute koozie! Love Miller Lite!

    1. Oddly enough the pink koozie is totally my dads! He likes to keep it real :)

  2. You can't get anything better than a drunk day in yoga pants! Hah :)x

    1. It was totally worth it! I needed a girls day :) The Mister totally left us alone once the yoga pants got pulled on! LOL!


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