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Friday, July 26, 2013

Cranky Pants

We've moved into our new house. It didn't go the way I had planned in my head. I like things to be set out and then I follow that plan. I don't really like when the plan changes and I don't know about it. Well, The Mister also likes to do things his way. Mostly because he hears what I'm saying, but doesn't always LISTEN. And yes folks there is a difference. A BIG DIFFERENCE. So, I thought we would close on the house on the 19th, then come over and clean, paint, and bring over small stuff this week. Tomorrow was supposed to be our "big" moving day. If you hadn't noticed, we've been living here all week. Well, The Mister and his dad decided to hire movers to do all of our big ticket items and scheduled it for Monday the 22nd.

Moving the date up by a week completely threw my easy, calm, lots of time to move plan into a tailspin. It also made me put on my cranky pants frequently this week. I feel like I am not getting anything done since the rooms aren't painted, so we can't move stuff into them yet. The one thing I refuse to do is paint around a bunch of crap in the middle of the room if we don't have to. And we don't have to, so we aren't. Let me retract that statement, I do have the bathroom and kitchen set up. They were my first priority since I go back to work soon and we need to be able to use them asap. Other than that, I watched tv while sitting on a cardboard box the other day, because the tv and cable are the only things in my house right now (I got my priorities in the right order). We slept with our mattress on the floor since it was here but our bedroom furniture had not been delivered. While I am a cluttery person, I dislike chaos and feeling unorganized and that is exactly how this week made me feel. Yay moving! Don't get me wrong, I am glad we bought our first home. I am excited we have done that. I am not excited about how little communication and organization there was to the move.  So, it's rainy outside and I have my cranky pants on. But, at least I'm not on my period. There is that.

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