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Monday, June 15, 2015

Beach Day Essentials

Since I will be in Mexico this week, I wanted to put together a post about what I feel like are must haves for the beach. These are also things that I take with me to the pool or the lake. Really, anywhere that is hot and you will be spending more than a few minutes :) 

Sunscreen - I like to buy SPF 30 and 50. I use the 50 when I am out on or in the water, because water reflects light. I use the SPF 30 all the rest of the time. I have to tell you the best place to get sunscreen is Ulta. The always have $3.50 off coupons that you can stack with their BOGO deals. I got 2 cans and 2 bottles of lotion for $14 with tax. I call that a score! After that, I would say Walgreens is a good option, their store brand is usually on sale 2/$5.

Water- If you are out in the heat, you NEED to drink water. Even if you are consuming adult beverages, which we all know if you are at the beach you should be, you need to drink water to make sure you don't get dehydrated. For me, I like to have bottled water on hand or, preferably, a reusable cute cup. It's even better if it has a monogram. 

                                                             reusuable mason jar 

Stylish Head Protection- I sunburn super easily, so head protection is a must! It also needs to be stylish and fit my big bobble head. I found the perfect, inexpensive, cute option. It comes in a variety of color options and online there is even more variety. The one linked below is the exact one I got and is less than $7! 

Reading and Music- There are tons of options out there for reading and music material. I highly recommend a digital reader for this purpose. You can have magazines, books, and the ability to get new things at all times. I like to use an iPad and the ebooks and magazines from the public library. Ya'll if you haven't set this up you should! Right now, I have Tami Hoag, gossip mags, and fitness mags ready to go. I also think that by having an iPad you have music and reading all in one. Create a couple of playlists, with a variety of music- low key classic rock, current hits, etc. 


Monogram- I know this isn't really a necessity, but a good monogram is always appreciated. I got the best monogrammed bikini top from Simply Southern Grace 1 off etsy. For the less than $20, you can get something personalized to you! The one I got was navy with a white monogram, which I feel like can mix/match with a variety of colors. I also ordered monograms from RJRCustomz to put on the previously mentioned reusable cute cups. 

What are some of your beach must haves?


  1. Monograms are absolutely a neccesity, duh! All of these make my list as well! I have to wear SPF 110 on my face, and SPF 50 everywhere else. Sometimes I grab SPF 70 for my chest and back because being burnt there is the worst thing every for my Irish pale ass skin. I am ready for the beach now, please!

  2. Teach me your Ulta Ways! That is one money-saving trick I do not take advantage of that I really need to! Is that mason jar sweat-proof? I know you're my sweat-proof twin now!


  3. My beach must have is my Kindle. And of course my drank!! haha.

  4. The Fedora and a cute cup is a must! Gotta have good reading material for sure!


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