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Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday Faves: Beach Ready Edition {{6.12.15}}

I know, I know nobody gives a shit that I am going to Cancun next week. But, you know what? I care, so there it is (yeah, I'm giving you all the stank eye). I care because I haven't been on a vacation in 2 years and this is going to be mine and G's honeymoon trip we never had. And by that I mean we are going to do all the stuff we planned to do, but his family will be there and so will 50 of his sisters closest friends. So, in continuing the theme, here are my beach ready Friday Favorites.

Fave Online Workouts: I know that I go back to these a lot, but you guys Cassey Ho at Blogilates does some of the best workouts videos I have seen AND THEY ARE FREE! They are easy to follow, she cues well, and her voice isn't (too) annoying. These below are my favorite on days where I don't have a class at the community center and I do them then ride my elliptical while watching Scandal or Law & Order SVU on Netflix.

Fave Beauty Product: I'm going with self tanner on this one. Self tanner for the win! My personal favorite self-tanning lotion is Banana Boat Endless Summer. It goes on easily, doesn't streak, doesn't smell too horrible, and has no glitter. The color shows up within three hours of application. My other, more expensive, favorite is Versa Spa 360 Spray. Versa Spa is the brand of spray tanning booth that they use at all my local tanning salons. I figured rather than paying out the ass for a single spray tan, why not let G spray me and get 3 sprays out of it?  

Fave Recipe: If you are looking for a healthy, cool, refreshing summer recipe this is it! The Grilled Chicken Tzatziki Salad from I Heart Nap Time is a recipe I used to keep my calories in check to be bikini ready. I used kalamata olives from our gourmet olive bar at the bougey grocery store, but other than that didn't change a thing. In the future, I will add fresh dill for a bolder flavor in the tzatziki, but it was definitely better than sore bought. Again, SUPER EASY! 

Fave Clothing: Ya'll know I had to buy stuff for this vacation, so I had to make it worth it. I tried to buy items that were beach perfect, but also reusable for for the rest of summer. 

If you've got big tata's these two swim tops are for you! The one in black in white is super supportive and has lots of support. I plan to use it to snorkel with killer whales. I also plan to buy more of this bralette style. The halter below is super, duper flattering as well! It comes in cup sizes, has full support and makes the girls look amaze. So much so, I now own that top in 2 colors. Bonus- almost everything is on super sale right now at Victoria's Secret! 
              Getaway Halter from VS                                          Beach Sexy Bralette from VS

What are some of your Beach Ready Faves?


  1. You are like the 4th person I have seen talk about the Banana Boat self tanner. I clearly need to jump on that train. Love your swimsuit picks, they are so cute!

  2. YES to self tanner! i've been using that shit since february because i don't want to scare anyone with my casper white limbs!


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