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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Cancun Itinerary 2015

This next week G and I will be in Cancun to celebrate his sister's wedding! Our week will be filled with the following:

Sunday: Flying in from KCI and arriving at the RIU Palace Peninsula in Cancun. I truly have no idea what to expect, my mother in law planned the whole trip, so this will be one big surprise.

Monday: Snorkeling with whale sharks... which is not really my first choice on something to do on vacay, since I don't really swim. And by don't really swim, I mean a do a mean doggy paddle in hopes of not dyeing.

Look how big this mother fucker is! I can't believe G truly wants to swim next to it! 

Tuesday: Kissing dolphins! This is more my speed, being in a controlled environment with a live animal... and a life jacket. I just want to get in the water with a dolphin and have it give me a little tongue, is that too much to ask?

Wednesday: G and his sister are doing a day AND night dive, so I am spending the day relaxing on the beach.... Hopefully, not getting too white girl wasted. 

Thursday: Wedding day! I think the hashtag should be #caycesinlove so we'll so how that goes. The wedding is in the evening, on a grassy area, followed by dinner and dancing. I have my dress, but am still looking for sandals that I like with it and jewelry. I don't want to wear heels, since we will be in a grassy area and sand. 

Friday: Beach day! I will be reading and relaxing with my boo on the beach. 

Saturday: Come back to Kansas City and pick up the dogs from where they are boarding for the week, depending on what time we get back in. 


  1. What a fun trip!!! I want dolphin kisses!!!!!! Yet, I have no desire to go snorkel with anything that has the name shark in it. None what so ever haha. That and my swimming skills are even less than yours, so there is that! I hope you guys have an awesome time!

  2. um those whale sharks look terrifying. no thanks. dolphins yes thanks! fun. haha. have fun!! jealous!

  3. Oh my gosh, snorkeling with whale sharks would be so cool and scary! I'm jealous! The dolphin thing is super fun though, although I was also a little scared at the time. I have a fear of fish so... anything in the water is a little scary! haha. I'm so very jealous of your vacation. I'll be close - in NOLA - but I probably will be white girl wasted on my trip haha.

  4. Wedges are always a great options for grassy weddings. I just spit my water out about your shark comments girl you are brave!

  5. Love that dress but HATE that whale photo....zomg, I have such an irrational fear of whales it makes me choke up. ha! Have a bitchin' time though!

  6. you feel like a tiny speck when you (scuba) dive in the ocean and when you see all those fish (schools, big, small etc), it's exhilarating and scary at the same time. have fun!

  7. No thank you to shark, but dolphins are cute!! White girl wasted for the win!!


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