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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Cancun Recap

We had a blast in Cancun. The itinerary didn't go exactly as planned, but like I told the groom- I'm not gonna have a hissy about that, I'm here for my SIL's wedding first, the vacation is a bonus. I'll be honest, most of the photos look exactly the same, so I am not going to inundate you with beach/pool photos. I'll just give you the highlights.

Sunday- Arrival Day... There was a tropical storm that we flew into. Which means lots of turbulence, being in dark clouds, seeing lightening, etc. We had a missed landing and had to circle around Cancun for about 40 minutes to land again, we definitely hydroplaned and I thought we would crash into the airport. When we got into the airport, there was water EVERYWHERE, plaster was coming off the walls, and water was leaking from the ceiling. Arriba!

Dark, dreary, and windy with water halfway up the bus wheels. 

We had rooms in the Adults Only Deluxe Villas at the Riu Palace Peninsula, which I would highly recommend! They were spacious, luxurious, and comfortable. There was a whirlpool bath in the room, a bidet in the restroom (LOL), his and hers sinks, and a private jacuzzi on the balcony! Since we were on the adults only side, we had a private pool with cabana beds that were exclusive to the villas. 

Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday- Monday, whale shark day was cancelled due to high winds and turbulent water. Instead, we all hung out by the pool. We also went to dinner at Harry's, which is the best steakhouse ever. No joke. We ate dinner next to Adam Sandler, Kevin James, and what appeared to be Mark Ruffalo and Seth Rogan and all their families. Legit next to. I may have stared creepily for a few minutes. 
Gabriel, his sister the bride, and his parents at Harry's 

Wednesday, Gabriel and the bride (his sister) did 4 dives, 2 day and 2 night, so the rest of us hung by the pool. I may have gotten white girl wasted this day on accident. My bad. 
Adults only pool 
Dubya got a little pink and had to stay in the shade. 

pool time! 

Thursday- hanging out and WEDDING DAY! The wedding itself started at 5pm, followed by cocktail hour while the bride/groom took photos, then dinner and dancing. It was a beautiful day, filled with lots of laughs, and tons of fun. The bride looked gorgeous!

Friday- Gabriel and I went on the whale shark adventure! I was scared shitless, but I still did it. Ya'll I don't swim. I don't like, nor enjoy it. It gives me anxiety, so I wore a life jacket, followed ALL instructions to a T, and made sure to stay out of the way of our guide and captain. 

It is all pretty simple really, you take a speed boat out hunting for the whale shark- for us this was about 3 hours... with 30 minutes being with the boat breaking down! Then, you and a few other people get in position to hop out of the boat, watch and wait until the whale sharks fin comes near your boat, THEN VAMANOS! You hop out and swim next to the whale shark as fast as you can. IT IS FUCKING HUGE. We each got to swim next to it 2x, so you are really spending a few hours doing this even though you are only in the water a few minutes. 

Next, you do the calm, sedate activity. You take a leisurely drive to a reef and snorkel for a bit and eat the BEST ceviche you've ever had in your life. 

G would only take good photos of my butt.  And yes the life jacket was way too big. 

Saturday- All about packing up and heading out. Thank goodness, this go round our flight was totally uneventful. Filled with the expected screaming kids and people taking naps. I'll take that any day over turbulence and lightening clouds. 


  1. The weather impacted out vacation last week too. How cool you ate next to those celebrities! Crazy! Glad you ended up having a nice time!

  2. That water though......wait where is the picture of the celebs?? I was waiting for a lurking creepy side picture of them hahahahah

  3. I am with Amanda, where is the creepy stalking photos? If there are no pictures, it didn't happen. Haha :) At first I was going to comment that you didn't have to shit your pants over the whale sharks but alas you did in fact swim with them. Looks like you guys had a great time, despite some weather.

  4. ahhh the beaches... so incredible. you all looked fab and that room!!!
    i would have tried to sneak photos of mark ruffalo and kevin james :)


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