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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Humpday Confessions

This week for my Humpday Confessions, I have to admit, I am a cootie. Like not totally trashy, so I can't call myself that, but I do have cootie tendencies. I'm not even ashamed of it though. Sometimes, you just have to accept yourself as you are.

  • I use a red solo cup at work... and I re-use the same one. I just put it back in my food stash desk drawer. I only drink water from it, so I feel like it's not too gross. And it's only my germs (that I know of). #cootie
  • I refuse to buy tissues for my home. I think they are a waste of money and you can totally blow your nose on toilet paper. When people ask for a tissue I tell them I'm out. #cootie
  • I deliberately don't clean and blame the dogs. I mean, we do have 2 dogs, but I can pretty confidently say they're not the reason why the toilet is dirty. #cootie
  • I generally don't wear underwear with pants so that I have fewer clothes to wash. I realize that they don't take up that much space, but it's one less thing to wash. In my head they take up as much room in the washer as a pair of jeans. Not having underwear has ruined many a shopping trip to the mall. So, if I tell you I don't want to try clothes on and would rather buy and return, believe me you don't want me to try them on.  #cootie

Do you have any cootie tendencies? If so, you better share! 

I am linking up with Kathy, from Vodka and Soda so go see what other confessions people have!


  1. Hahaha oh man. My cootie tendency is that I reuse Kleenexes if I'm in my car and I had old ones stuffed on the side pocket. I know it's way gross...buuut in my defense, so is having snot dripping down your nose? lol.

  2. Ditto over here with the panties issue. I only wear them when its that time of the month or I have a dress need to dirty anything else haaa

  3. That commercial always cracks me up! Dogs are a good excuse not to clean...we only have one and he makes a huge mess. You have to clean the morning people come over because he gets hair EVERYWHERE. I find it a bit frustrating...good thing he is cute :)

  4. I use the same Tervis every day at work for my water and I cross my fingers its clean too :)

  5. I am laughing at the lack of underwear because I feel so weird and naked without them. I put them on immediately after getting out of the shower because it feels so weird to me to not have them on!

  6. Hey Tracie!! Oh my gosh no undies, lol!! That my friend is brave haha!! ;-) XO


  7. i use the same water bottle and rinse it out with boiling hot water every other day. that's not as cootie, right?

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  8. hahahah!! I have a ton of cootie tendencies. like way too many!


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