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Thursday, April 10, 2014

To Do before saying "I Do"

So, last week one of my Humpday Confessions was that I am over planning the wedding. Then, I realized I haven't really talked about the wedding itself at all. So, I thought I'd share my To Do list with you so that you guys can get to know more!

ü  Venue: Our party is at a historic ballroom above an antique store in Westport (which is in Kansas City, MO). You have to walk in the front door of the antique store and to the left is a staircase, you go up the stairs and BAM! There is a big ballroom. It is pretty unique and different, which is what we wanted.
ü  Decorations: We are renting and borrowing milk glass and vintage looking items. My goal is to have a shabby vintage feel, but as I told my Mom not a rustic vibe (ie burlap). I am totally down with everything that I have seen so far, as my mom is an awesome decorator. We are planning to get together in June and put together some tablescapes and photograph them, so that we have those to go off of when decorating the day of.
ü  DJ: We are using KC Mobile DJ. He is such a nice guy! One of my Mom’s friends referred us to him, so we are pretty confident he will do an awesome job.
ü  Photography: We got this amazing photographer off of craigslist. We met with her in October to take some photos and she works really, really well with the two of us. Gabriel and I don’t really photo well together , so the fact that she was able to get some good ones of us is amazeballs.
ü  Food/Beverages: This is the one gap in our plan. We don’t want to pay for a caterer since we are only doing appetizers, but I really don’t want to attempt to cook this stuff ourselves the week of and I am concerned about the logistics of the day of. I’ll keep you updated on this one. Booze wise, we can bring in whatever we want, so we are doing wine, beer, and limited alcohol. Honestly, I don’t want the hassle of mixers and mixed drinks. And I want cute little koozies to give people, so we are doing canned beer. Sorta cootie, but I am ok with that.
ü  Cake: We have ordered a two-tier cake from Hy-Vee and cupcakes in four flavors. I like fruity flavors and Gabriel likes chocolate, so this is the perfect compromise.
ü  Dress: I have my dress, but haven’t gotten it altered yet. I need the perfect bra to hold the ladies up before I get it altered. That, and I am not 100% certain I will be this size in July as I have been back to working out more since physical therapy and getting my knee back in the game. I still need my shoes and accessories. I am sorta a procrastinator on this type of stuff. Gabriel went to Nordtrom’s and got a custom fitted suit, so we are set in that department.
ü  Hair and Makeup: I am still looking. My friend Jen offered to pay for this, so I want to find the best at a reasonable price. If anyone knows a good hair/makeup artist in the Kansas City area, let me know.
ü  Invites: They went out and people are have started to RSVP. We didn’t do Save the Dates, so we sent the invites out a little earlier than normal so people could have time to make travel arrangements if needed. My mom hand made these, so I will post of picture of them asap!

Is there anything I am forgetting? Any advice, tips, tricks?


  1. Right now I'm working on picking the music and the seating chart. In the final stages now!

  2. I would really look into getting food catered. I had a friend who got married and her family did all the food and it was SO much work and scrambling around the day of to get food, placed and out. If you have family/friends (not in the wedding party) assigned to do this then it might be ok, but if you have to be involved at all with making sure it happens it is an added stress to the day. Just something to consider :)


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