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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Laughter is the best medicine

I have been looking at Pinterest more lately, so I thought I'd share a few of my newest funny finds. I am a Pinterest addict, so I have to go cold turkey every once in awhile so that I don't obsess. Well, I am back and thought I'd share the joy.

Don't act like you didn't do this when you were little. We all had balloon boobies at least once in our lives.

I just love J Law. I had to include one of her because she makes me happy. I mean who else can talk about being sloppy seconds and still be this cool?

bahaha, I had never heard this before so it totally made me giggle. Hearing aids. That and I watched Dallas Buyers Club last night and it just seemed like karma telling me to use this joke.
OMG! Just look. It's too much.



  1. bahahahaha! that guy's face!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH i can't even!!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. OMG love it!!! Hilarious that mans face is great!

  3. These made me laugh so hard!

  4. ahhh the boob job!! my friend just got one im sending her that!!!

  5. I had a dinner with a group of people recently who I didn't really know. One friend of a friend had a mustache and I couldn't stop looking at her!


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