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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Why I Don't Really Use Facebook

More and more I've noticed when I talk to people they get all indignant that I haven't been on Facebook and say things like, "well I messaged you on FB." or "Didn't you see that I tagged you on FB to ask you?" Well, no I didn't see it. You want to know why? Because I hate Facebook more and more everyday. Everybody and their mother is on Facebook now (including my own mother) and use it for shit I don't care about. And if I don't care about it, why would I look at it?

Some of the reasons why I don't use Facebook are:

  • Photos that say things about God. For example the caption "Like if you love God. Ignore if you hate God." For the love of God, just stop. Facebook is not the time nor place for this shit. 
  • Baby momma/daddy drama. Nobody has time to look at this shit about how yo baby daddy can't even take care his own but he go out and show out. 

  • Status updates about your cheating ex and how much you loved them. And the hate you now feel for them. 

  • The 2 week later status about how your cheating ex wants you back and you ain't having it. Nobody is impressed by this, trust me. If anything, we are mored annoyed that you are again wasting our time having to scroll over this. 

Do you still use Facebook? What's your biggest pet peeve with it?


  1. i use facebook, but not as often as i used to. all of these things annoy me as well!

  2. Everyday I'm more annoyed by Facebook. I see about 5% new posts, and some post form last year someone randomly liked today, and random ads. None of the pages that I have actually "like" do I get updates from. I have never been very into Facebook to begin with, and just block people who have too many "crazy" posts :)

  3. I hate facebook because: my mother is on it, she shares a million pictures a day, everyone talking about how drunk they are, blah blah blah.

  4. OMG yess!!! Lord please make it stop!! I hate* those ''this girl is dying of cancer and like if you want her to survive.. and if you dont your a bad person and will burn.. '' Jeez, since when did other people lives and well being end up in my hands..? waaaay too much drama.. and and the kids photo's.. I didn't have kids for a reason.. not just so I can look at your's! Ughh.. haha!! <333



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